Treating gout was a searchable directory of all gout treatments and equipment. But I am replacing it with a new database that matches the needs of different types of gout sufferers.

I want to help you find the right items for your needs. So, I organized the directory to match steps in your gout treatment plans. But, the new resource database covers more than treating gout. Because I include resources for understanding gout principles and uric acid lessons. As well as the gout treatment topics listed below.

Treating Gout Organization

Treating Gout resources include:

Gout Pain Relief.
Resources for treating gout pain. These are most useful for gout sufferers who have started uric acid lowering. Because good pain control is necessary for the first few months of treating uric acid.
Natural Gout Remedies.
Resources for treating gout naturally by changing diet and lifestyle. These are mostly aimed at Gout Dieters. Because gout dieters often need to adjust their diet according to uric acid test results.
Secondary Gout Cures.
Resources for treating underlying primary diseases that cause secondary gout. These are mostly aimed at Secondary Gout Sufferers. Because secondary gout sufferers can cure gout permanently if they can identify and control underlying gout causes.
Herbal Gout Medicine
Resources for treating gout herbally with diet supplements and other plant-based products. These are mostly aimed at Gout Herbalists. Because gout herbalists often need to adjust their supplements according to uric acid test results. Also, you might be interested in the only resource remaining in this old directory. So read UriciPlex for Treating Your Gout.
Uric Acid Medication & Gout Drugs.
Resources for treating gout medically by changing uric acid lowering medication. These are mostly aimed at Gout Patients. Because gout patients often need to adjust their drugs according to uric acid test results.
Home Gout Therapies
Resources for treating gout at home with food changes. These are mostly aimed at Gout Foodies. Because gout foodies often want to try a different gout food therapy.
Treating Gout Resources Database
How to find the best resources for treating your gout

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