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These gout and alcohol articles tell you how alcohol can affect gout. They explain relationships between alcohol as a cause of gout, and how alcohol affects gout treatment. These articles explain general principles, but like all aspects of gout diet, what really matters is which principles affect you.

In the gout forum, fellow gout sufferers will help you understand all about gout and alcohol consumption. You can learn how to apply gout and alcohol general guidelines to your unique situation. Check out the latest discussions in theGout and Alcohol Forum.

Read all about the effects of alcohol on gout in the Gout and Alcohol guidelines.

Allopurinol And Alcohol: Can You Spirit Away Gout?

If you are worried about allopurinol and alcohol, this article will explain the key points. You will learn that, generally, alcohol has little effect on allopurinol. However, like all aspects of gout management, each gout patient must be assessed individually. After you have read about allopurinol and alcohol, if you still have concerns, you can…

Alcohol and Gout Research

Alcohol and Gout Research is my collection of interesting gout studies that relate to alcohol. Now when I say ‘interesting’ that does not always mean ‘useful’. Because scientific research is not the same as everyday life. Especially for gout sufferers. Unfortunately, lots of science gets taken out of context. Or even misquoted. Because many newspapers…

Does Alcohol Affect Gout?

Does Alcohol Affect Gout is my review of a popular statistical study about drinking alcohol and gout. Because this study is often quoted as a reason why gout sufferers should avoid alcohol. But do the numbers truly support that popular view? In my review, I focus on an interpretation for gout sufferers. Because I believe…

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