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Alcohol, Free Beer, and Gout Research

Alcohol and Gout Research

Alcohol and Gout Research is my collection of interesting gout studies that relate to alcohol. Now when I say ‘interesting’ that does not always mean ‘useful’. Because scientific research is not the same as everyday life. Especially for gout sufferers. Unfortunately, lots of science gets taken out of context. Or even misquoted. Because many newspapers…

Medical Disclaimer: The pupose of GoutPal is to provide jargon-free explanations of medical gout-related terms and procedures. Because gout sufferers need to know what questions to ask their doctor. Also, you need to understand what your doctor tells you. So this website explains gout science. But it is definitely NOT a substitute for medical advice.

Information on this website is provided by a fellow gout sufferer (Keith Taylor) with an accountant's precision for accurate data. But no medical qualifications. So you must seek professional medical advice about gout and any other health matters.

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