I’ve reviewed a couple of gout articles that mention lettuce. That has made me realize there is quite a high level of interest in different aspects of lettuce and gout. So here is my GoutPal story about lettuce so far.

Remember – these are my stories and experiences. So I hope they will inspire you to do your own research. And I will provide references where I can. But you must manage your gout recovery plan in conjunction with your professional health advisers.

Here, I’ll:

  1. Look at gout in the context of lettuce and diet.
  2. Review my articles and discussions that currently mention lettuce.
  3. Investigate research into lettuce as it affects gout and uric acid.
  4. Announce my forthcoming articles that summarize all the relevant facts about lettuce for gout sufferers.

Lettuce and Gout Diet

I’m taking this opportunity to reorganize food pages on GoutPal.com. Because I want them to reflect the structure of a Gout Foundation Diet for GoutPal Foodies. Then in future, I can build on that foundation to encourage GoutPal Dieters with uric acid dieting tips and strategies.

Now the GoutPal Gout Foundation Diet will start with the Mediterranean Eating Pattern from Dietary Guidelines for Americans[1]. Because Mediterranean diets are associated with lower uric acid. But first I want to establish a minimum standard. Being the general population standard set by the Healthy Eating Pattern in the guidelines. So this creates a measurable starting point for gout sufferers. By providing a Healthy Eating Index score.

Current Lettuce & Gout Mentions

Gout Articles Mentioning Lettuce

I’ve updated the Gout Food Facts for Lettuce Articles List to include all current mentions of lettuce. Significantly, one of those articles (Celery Seeds and Gout) features luteolin. So I’ve added luteolin to my research todo list.

Gout Discussions Mentioning Lettuce

From the old gout forum on this website:

Lettuce in Gout Breakfast Juice Recipe
Lettuce is very good for the eliminations of Uric Acid. Especially the darker outer leaves […] Cos Lettuce has a higher alkaline level than other lettuces. Juicing to help keep your Uric Acid under control.
Quercetin in Lettuce for Gout
Quercetin from the USDA flavonoids database (release 2.1)
| Lettuce, red leaf, raw | 11.99 |
| Lettuce, green leaf, raw | 5.63 |
| Lettuce, cos or romaine, raw | 4.49 |
| Lettuce, butterhead [includes boston and bibb types], raw | 2.73 |
| Lettuce, iceberg [includes crisphead types], raw | 1.42 |
Bugged By Gout.
Potassium in Lettuce for Gout
There is some anecdotal evidence that celery and lettuce will relieve gout. If so, their high potassium content is probably what is involved. Potassium Bicarbonate to Cure Gout.

There’s also a passing reference to lettuce in the new gout forum discussion about Allopurinol and Weight Gain.

Lettuce and Uric Acid Science

Common lettuce has the scientific name Latuca Sativa. But within that specie are many cultivars. Also, other species within the lettuces family are often used as salad leaves. So identifying specific gout benefits for Lettuce is complicated.

I cannot find any research into lettuce consumption by gout sufferers. However, there is a study of artificially obese mice eating purple lettuce[2]. So the connection to uric acid in human gout sufferers is very weak. But there is a suggestion that purple-leaved lettuce might help to reduce excess uric acid. My uneducated guess is that anthocyanins might be the active compound in this tenuous link. But much more research is needed before any conclusions for gout sufferers can be drawn.

Given the lack of direct science, I recommend looking at the contribution lettuce can make to a healthy diet for:

  • Luteolin
  • Anthocyanins
  • Quercetin
  • Potential Renal Acid Load

Then you can discuss your findings with your professional health advisers to assess if lettuce might benefit your personal gout recovery plan.

Which Lettuce is best for Gout?
Which Lettuce is best for Gout?

Your Lettuce and Gout Story

I’d love to read your questions, experiences, and opinions about lettuce and gout. Because that will help my forthcoming summaries. So please post your lettuce and gout stories now.

Leave Lettuce and Gout Story to read Keith’s GoutPal Stories.

Lettuce and Gout Story References

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