Most of my gout forums advice relates to helping you ask good questions in the right way so you get the best possible help and advice in the quickest possible time. This page relates to your complaints, wishes, and suggestions for improvement to help me bring you the best possible support.

Improving Gout Forums For All

I love to hear your suggestions for improving this website and the gout forums.

I need to hear your complaints.

If you have any issues using this gout information service or GoutPal Interactive, you can share your views privately or publicly.

Please help me help you.

Registered Or Unregistered?

I try to keep the forums open for everyone, but some features require you to register. If you prefer to be anonymous, the forums will be harder to use, and there will be delays before your posts are approved. I can assure you that your email address is safe, but if you wish to remain anonymous whilst still enjoying the benefits of registration, why not get a free email account from Google or Yahoo, and reserve that for your GoutPal use. There are other ways to contact me on the GoutPal Contact Page.

Public Or Private?

My gout support services are for all gout sufferers and their carers. These free services are driven by gout sufferers from all over the world, many of whom return to help others who face similar problems. Therefore, I prefer all discussions about my gout websites to be held in public. That way, other sufferers and helpers can see the issues and may be able to help fix them, or improve them further.

For public messages, please read the introduction to these gout forums before you post anything. In particular, you should remember to search for similar discussions or information before you post your message or ask your question.

The Using GoutPal Forum allows you to post any message about improving my gout websites. Please use this to complain, suggest or request, but please make your message clear. If it concerns a specific page, then please include a link to that page.

If you are complaining about something, it helps enormously if you explain exactly what is wrong, how it affects you. If possible, please suggest improvements.

Finally, if you are requesting a new or improved feature, please explain what you want to do. Also, why you want to do it. If you have seen it elsewhere, please include the link.

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Gout Forums: Next Steps

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