These gout forum guidelines help you find answers to gout questions quickly.

The gout forum is a friendly place, and rules are few. Basically, be respectful.

The gout forums are simple to use. If in doubt, just ask in the GoutPal forum.

Respect Others In The Gout Forum

Quite simple – do not make personal remarks. Debate is good, heated debate is not. There is no excuse for this. Posting online means you have to take action to submit your comments. If they might be construed as inflammatory, then wait a day and review before you submit.

If you are answering a question, please reread the question and your answer before you submit. Make sure your answer relates to the question, or asks for supplementary information. It is best to quote the question (if some parts are not relevant to your answer then delete those parts and keep the part you are answering). Do not add ‘by the way’ remarks. If you want to make a related comment, start a new topic, referring to the original topic where possible.

If you are offering opinions, do not present them as facts. If you have factual knowledge to share with others, then please provide references to source material. If you are offering opinions, or sharing experiences, make this clear by using suitable phrases such as ‘in my experience’, ‘I think that’, ‘in my opinion’, etc.

Respect Yourself In The Gout Forum

Before you submit your question, read it to yourself, preferably out loud. Does it make sense? Sometimes people will ask for clarification if your question is unclear, but mostly they will simply ignore it.

Check that the topic subject relates to your message. It does not have to be a grammatically correct question, but it should contain the key subjects that you are writing about. People will look to answer questions that they know something about, or are particularly interested in.

A quick look at today’s topics shows:

  • Good – “Any Alternatives to Allopurinol?” – It’s a clear question and obvious what it’s about.
  • Reasonable – “Allo vs. Uloric” – Again, very good, but it only takes a few seconds to check the correct spelling of allopurinol, and this avoids confusion for readers who do not know this unofficial abbreviation.
  • Terrible – “I am the newest member” – So what! I just ignore these.

Finally, if you have several questions, it is much better to split them and create separate topics. One or two related questions are fine, but a long list of questions on different aspects of gout just leads to confusion.

Respect GoutPal In The Gout Forum

Remember that my gout forum is designed to help you understand gout, and improve the relationship with your doctor by helping you know which questions to ask, and how to understand the answers. Do not ask for specific medical help. Neither myself or other forum members are qualified to give medical answers about your health.

The next 4 paragraphs are basically aimed at users of other websites.

Do not use my gout forum as a platform to promote your own website.

This does not mean that other website owners are not welcome. Far from it – I’m always looking for mutually beneficial joint ventures, or just good comments from reliable resources.

I want to work with quality website owners, and I provide links back to website owners that contribute and add value to discussions. There is a link box in your profile, and this uses your username as anchor text. I have no problems with user names like ‘Gout Dietitian’ or the like, but please do not use your website or email address as a username.

I am also interested in publishing guest articles from gout related website owners, and you can use my Contact Page to submit any proposal you think will appeal to me.

I will not link to sites that do not uphold quality standards. If you are unsure, please contact me before you add links. Note that the link boxes in the gout forum profile and in comments are not compulsory. If in doubt, leave it blank. I can always add a link later if I approve of your site.

Help Me Keep The Gout Forum Clean

Note that the points here are guidelines, not rules. I do not moderate the forum heavily, so it’s more or less anything goes within my overriding rule of being respectful.

If you see anything that breaks these guidelines, let me know using the orange Gout Support button. Please do not respond to bad messages on the forum, as it adds more “noise” to the discussion – I will delete the offending item as soon as I can.

Gout Forum Guidelines: Next Steps

Now you are prepared to make best use of my gout discussion pages, see which forums you can use these gout forum guidelines in.

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