I offer several free gout support services on the GoutPal websites.

My gout support services are free for gout sufferers to use, but they cost money to provide them. I fund this from advertising revenue, including commissions. I try to ensure that advertising content is separate from editorial content, and easily identified as such. I also encourage discussion of products and services advertised on GoutPal. This ensures that we can buy products to help gout, knowing they represent the best available value. Advertising also includes products that are not directly related to gout. All your online purchases can help support free services for gout sufferers, if you buy them via my product links.

GoutPal Shop Gout bannerFor gout sufferers, and their carers, who are in the market for online goods and services, please help keep gout support services free:

  • Buy all online goods and services using links on one of my websites. This works well with companies like Amazon, and eBay. Almost everything you buy after clicking one of my links will earn a small commission to help keep my gout support services free. It does not have to be the gout product you clicked on, as all these websites have extensive searching and browsing features.
  • Ask in the forums if you cannot find an obvious link to something you are interested in buying online
  • Report your buying experiences in the gout forum – good and bad

Please use GoutPal whenever you are buying online, even for non-gout supplies and services.

Please discuss your buying experiences and needs in the gout forums. We can work together to provide better value for all gout sufferers.

Advertising On GoutPal

If you provide products or services to gout sufferers, and you would like to advertise these on any of my websites, please get in touch with me. The best way to contact Keith Taylor about gout is through the GoutPal Google+ page. I only link to high quality websites, and I do not tolerate advertising using spam techniques.

For more information, please see GoutPal Advertising Policy & Sources Of Funding.

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