Each month I review posts that are read most by GoutPal visitors. Because I want to direct you to the information that helps most gout sufferers. So these articles are a great place to start learning about gout and uric acid. But you should also bookmark this page and review it each month for new gout help pages.

What Gout Foods Can I Eat? May 27, 2020What Gout Foods Can I Eat?

What gout foods can you eat? Forget long lists of foods to eat or avoid. Tell me what you want to eat. I'll tell you how to include it in your gout diet.

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Allopurinol for Gout – The Wrong Way May 27, 2020Allopurinol for Gout - The Wrong Way

Allopurinol for gout is my review of a YouTube video from a gout sufferer. In particular, I look at why this story of uric acid treatment is wrong, and what you can do to make sure your gout recovery is successful.

Allopurinol for Gout Audience

I wrote Allopurinol for Gout for gout sufferers who have lost faith in their allopurinol treatment without planning a safe replacement. There are many reasons why people lose faith in uric acid treatment. So since allopurinol is the most common treatment, it is also commonly prescribed wrongly, or not taken properly. When this happens to people, I call them Gout Victims. But if you are not sure which type of sufferer you are, read Questions for Gout Sufferers first.

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Why can’t your gout doctor cure you? May 27, 2020Why can't your gout doctor cure you?

This is my review of an investigation into the reason why gout treatment is not as successful as it should be. Because many reasons for poor treatment by your gout doctor are avoidable. So if you discuss these with your doctor, you will get better gout recovery.

Gout Doctor Audience

I wrote this Gout Doctor article for gout patients who are not happy with the progress of their treatment. But it is also of general interest for all people who care for gout sufferers. However, if you do not know which type of gout person you are, you should read Questions for Gout Sufferers first.

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Gout Medications To Avoid Gout By Lower Uric Acid May 24, 2020Gout Medications To Avoid Gout By Lower Uric Acid

Gout medications that reduce uric acid are the only way to avoid gout. But how do you choose the right one? Get gout medications that avoid gout for life.

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Treatment For Gout May 23, 2020Treatment For Gout

Only treatment for gout is to remove uric acid crystals. They will cause more pain and joint damage. See best treatments for dangerous uric acid deposits.

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Gout And Candy May 23, 2020Gout And Candy

Why worry about gout and candy? There's nothing much bad for gout in sweets, though you should watch the calories if you are fat. See how to eat well for gout.

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Diet For Gout – Plan Enjoyable Food That Fixes Gout May 23, 2020Diet For Gout - Plan Enjoyable Food That Fixes Gout

You must plan your diet for gout correctly. People first, gout second. Never let food harm gout patients treatment. Get diet advice that really helps gout.

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7 Ways Gout Causes Back Pain May 23, 20207 Ways Gout Causes Back Pain

Uric acid back pain is serious. Gout back pain is dangerous if not treated immediately. Get help for uric acid and back pain before gout cripples your back.

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Gout Home Remedies May 21, 2020Gout Home Remedies

Gout home remedies are a natural way to relieve gout pain. Check out the cheapest, and avoid those that do not work. Fix your gout safely with few side-effects.

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Foods To Avoid With Gout: Pastrami and Gout May 21, 2020Foods To Avoid With Gout: Pastrami and Gout

Is pastrami and gout a bad idea? Many put beef on the list of foods to avoid with gout. But why avoid the food you like? See how to enjoy pastrami with gout

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How Purines Affect Gout. Practical Purine Diet Plans May 21, 2020How Purines Affect Gout. Practical Purine Diet Plans

You must know how purines affect gout before you plan gout diets. Don't rely on out-of-date advice - learn the purine truth. See foods high in purines secrets.

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Alkalizing Gout Diet Menu May 21, 2020Alkalizing Gout Diet Menu

A good gout diet menu should be alkalizing. Do not worry about individual foods. Assess your total food intake. Learn pH balance for gout. Stop kidney stones. Learn more about the principles of pH balance with alkalizing gout diet menu books.

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How Long Does a Gout Attack Last? May 21, 2020How Long Does a Gout Attack Last?

Are you wondering how long does a gout attack last? Only a few days, so why do some flares last longer? See how long gout should last and how to control it.

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Gout Diet Including Food, Drink & Lifestyle May 19, 2020Gout Diet Including Food, Drink & Lifestyle

Gout diet is important, but do not be gout food obsessed. Do not waste time on uric acid foods. Focus on complete diets. Get your gout diet information now.

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Best Alcohol For Gout – What’s Yours? May 19, 2020Best Alcohol For Gout - What's Yours?

Gout sufferers want to know the best alcohol for gout. Alcohol is (or should be) a small part of your diet. Gout diet is a small part of gout treatment. In fact, you cannot have a gout diet without a treatment plan. Therefore what follows is only of interest to gout patients who want to micro-manage their gout diet.

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Gout Foods Table for Vegetables May 19, 2020Gout Foods Table for Vegetables

The gout foods table for vegetables shows you the best way to make healthy improvements to your diet. See how to use favorite vegetables in your gout diet.

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Uloric (febuxostat) Guidelines April 18, 2020Uloric (febuxostat) Guidelines

Uloric (generic = febuxostat) is a powerful uric acid lowering gout medication. See if it is right for you. Stop gout pain permanently with low uric acid.

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Uric Acid Arthritis – Another Name For Gout March 29, 2020Uric Acid Arthritis - Another Name For Gout

Another Name For Gout

If we called gout uric acid arthritis would we get better treatment? Gout is an old-fashioned word. It is true that people associate gout with pain. But they also associate it with excessive luxurious living - the "rich man's disease," or "disease of kings," which is not true. Because most gout is genetic. So you might not care what doctor's think. Because you just know it's Agony! But read on to see why top gout doctors are beginning to agree with GoutPal. Then see why a better name for gout means better treatment.

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300 mg Allopurinol: What is Gout Myth #2 March 29, 2020300 mg Allopurinol: What is Gout Myth #2

Why 300 mg allopurinol per day? It might be too much or too little. Allopurinol needs personal, not standard dose. Read the dangers of 300 mg allopurinol now.

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What can you eat on a Moderate Purine Gout Diet? February 13, 2020What can you eat on a Moderate Purine Gout Diet?

In What can you eat on a Moderate Purine Gout Diet, I list some moderate purine foods. This follows my previous two lists: Is Very Low Purine Gout Diet Possible? and Another Low Purine Foods List.

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Alkaline Foods: More Myths Exposed February 13, 2020Alkaline Foods: More Myths Exposed

I originally published this article about alkaline foods and gout well before I realized the full value of an alkaline diet for gout. Since then, more evidence has been discovered by various gout studies to show that alkaline foods can encourage excretion of uric acid. I have since developed a complete section of my gout diet guidelines to explain the value of an alkalizing gout diet menu. However, this early work is still relevant. So I retained it to explain the value of alkaline foods on uric acid kidney stones, which cause kidney damage to some gout sufferers.

Alkaline foods raise more controversy than they are worth.

People swear they are the holy grail of health - a magic cure for gout and every other health problem in the world. Skeptics swear back: "You're wasting your *#@!$&! time. It's time for us to see the real truth behind alkaline diet and gouty arthritis.

Myth 1: Alkaline Foods Turn Red Litmus Blue

Despite my best efforts to explain otherwise, people still believe that you can measure the power of alkaline foods by testing their pH. There are even lists of alkaline foods touted around the Internet that show the pH value for common foods. But these have nothing to do with the alkalizing effect, so why do they exist? They stem from a US government table of pH values produced for the canning industry. Now, physical pH values might help food canners and packagers. Because they determine what balancing agents they need to avoid food reacting with its container. But these values have absolutely nothing to do with the effect of food on our bodies. The science of alkaline foods recognizes that elements and compounds in food cause different reactions in our body when digested. Some elements, e.g. proteins and phosphorous produce acidic salts. Other elements, e.g. potassium, magnesium, and calcium, produce alkaline salts. These salts end up at our kidneys, where they alter the pH environment. This process has resulted in the Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL) calculation, which is an approximate estimate of the effect of foods on the acidity/alkalinity of our bodies. Or more specifically, of urine, as this is the measurable result. Still, people remain confused as to how an acidic food item, like lemons or vinegar, can have an alkalizing effect on urine and the kidneys. This happens because the acids in food are very weak. E.g. citric acid in lemons and acetic acid in vinegar. The alkalizing components in the fruits do not register on a pH test or our taste buds. Because that changes as we digest the food. When the alkalizing components combine with acid compounds in our bodies. Thus reducing the acid load at the kidneys. So the only reliable way to test the value of alkaline foods is to measure the pH of urine. But beware of the obsession that leads to the second myth.

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Are Allopurinol Anxieties Helpful or Pointless? January 1, 2020Are Allopurinol Anxieties Helpful or Pointless?

What are the dangers of allopurinol side effects? Can you lower uric acid without health risks? See how to fix gout safely. Avoid bad allopurinol reactions.

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