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When you are trying to control gout, it is important to start in the right place. Many gout sufferers start with diet, but that is pointless. You have to start by measuring and assessing your gout symptoms. Working with your doctor, you :

  1. Explain your symptoms properly
  2. Allow your doctor to make his medical assessment
  3. Consult your doctor regarding a gouty arthritis diagnosis

Your doctor might identify some causes of gout that you can remove, thus curing gout permanently. However, for most gout sufferers, causes cannot be identified, or the causes are genetic. In that case, you need treatment.

Gout treatment is required for relieving gout pain, but most important is to make uric acid safe. You must get uric acid down to 5mg/dL or below, otherwise you risk damage to joints, and to organs including skin, kidneys, and heart.

When you have a treatment plan, you can move on to look at gout diet. Gout diet must start by being healthy. That means balanced nutrition that supplies all your needs whilst avoiding things that make gout worse.

Foods to avoid with gout are:

  • Excess calories
  • Excess iron
  • Excess animal purines

You should also avoid bad eating habits including fasting/starvation, feasting/bingeing, dehydration, highly processed foods that include HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), hydrogenated fats, and similar toxins. Moderate alcohol intake does not usually make gout worse, but you need to be wary as some people are susceptible to inflammation from alcohol that can make gout pain seem worse.

Some foods have been shown to help gout, and I include these in my gout diet guidelines.

If you have not already done so, you should read my introduction to my gout guidelines. It includes links to guidelines fo Gout Symptoms, Gout Treatment, and Gout Diet, which are also featured on the Menu near the top of each page.

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