Research into the treatment of gout brings new remedies, new techniques, and better understanding of how to control gout.

We cannot cure gout, but with treatments that deal completely with the symptoms, we can control gout enough to lead normal lives.

Treatment Of Gout Investigations

There are new studies published about treatment of gout every week. Most of these are aimed at the scientific community, and filled with medical jargon. I summarize these studies in layman’s terms so that you can apply the principles to help you create your own gout treatment plan.

Colccrys Dosage
Evaluating Appropriate Use of Prophylactic Colchicine and Urate Lowering Therapy in Gout. ACR Annual Meeting Nov 2012. Michael George, Sally W. Pullman-Mooar, H. Ralph Schumacher. Shows ineffective gotu treatment and excess cost from inappropriate colchicine prescribing.
Vitamin C & Uric Acid
The Effects of Vitamin C Supplementation on Serum Concentrations of Uric Acid. June 2005, Han-Yao Huang et al. Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT), showing that 500mg/day vitamin C for 2 months reduces blood uric acid, with better reductions for higher uric acid.

Treatment Of Gout: Next Steps

Use the facts explained in these gout treatment investigations to help you discuss your own treatment options with your doctor.

If you have not already done so, you should work with your doctor to prepare your personal gout treatment plan. If you are unsure how to do this, please consider my Stop Gout program.

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