What To Expect From Gout Relief

Stop Gout Step 2: What To Expect From Gout Relief

The second step in my Stop Gout program is to clarify what resources you have available for your treatment plan, and what specific benefits you expect to realize.

This is the second step in my Personal Treatment Plan for gout patients called Stop Gout. It is a 7 step program for creating your own personal gout treatment plan, and links to all steps are at the end of this gout relief explanation.

  1. Prepare To Get Rid Of Gout
  2. What To Expect From Gout Relief
  3. What Gout Medicine Suits You?
  4. Select Gout Remedies For Your Personal Treatment Plan
  5. Start Treatment For Gout The Right Way
  6. Cure Gout Symptoms In 3 Phases
  7. Improve Your Plan To Prevent Gout Returning

Gout Relief Overview

In the previous step, you established the scope and purpose of your gout treatment plan. Now we need to go into more detail for your expectations, and see if you have the right resources for all the things you expect to achieve.

We need to do this to test the foundations of your plan. It is pointless having an expectation of safe uric acid levels in twelve months if you do not have a doctor who will prescribe and monitor the meds, or if you are not prepared to take them.

Gout Relief Requirements

We now need to prepare a list of all the things you require from your gout treatment plan. This follows on from the checklist you created in the previous step where you listed the aspects of gout you wanted to get rid of. It should be a list of all the medical and personal things that you require from your treatment plan.

It is best to keep this as short as possible, only including the requirements that are important to you now. For example, you may have an immediate requirement to control gout pain so that you can resume normal work, or other activity. You might also want to start lowering uric acid after you have got the pain under control.

Do not make your plan long and confusing. You can focus on pain control now, and come back to uric acid control later. A key strength of my Stop Gout program is that the later steps include ongoing review of your requirements. I know that achieving one requirement often leads to wanting to build on that success. Stop Gout ensures that you do this.

Chose what is important to you from the following, and try to make your personal requirements as important to you as they can be.

I will produce individual guidelines for each different type of gout relief requirement, once I have completed the pages for each step in the Stop Gout program. If you need help with this prior to completion, please use the gout forum. To be notified when I complete the guidelines, and launch the program, please subscribe to my free gout support update service.

Medical Gout Relief Requirements

Choose requirements that are measurable. Later in the program, we monitor achievements to check results against expectations.

Tophus Removal
Safe Uric Acid
Immediate Gout Pain Relief
Pain Prevention During Uric Acid Lowering
Urate Debulking
Secondary Gout

Personal Gout Relief Requirements

Again, choose requirements that are measurable

Work Gout Relief Requirements
Good measurable gout relief improvements include reduce number of days off work or increase ability to work long hours.
Social Gout Relief Requirements
Measurable gout relief improvements include walking more miles, or restarting a hobby.
Other Gout Relief Requirements
What else is your gout preventing you from achieving?

Try to be as specific as possible, e.g. include number of days, miles, etc. Also try to include time expectations, e.g. I would like to be able to walk 10 miles within 10 months.

Gout Relief Resources

Now, list all the resources you have available for each of your gout relief requirements. This is not just a monetary budget, but also resources such as your medical team, and your own strengths and weaknesses. Your most significant resource should be your doctor. Gout treatment plans work best when they involve doctor and patient from day one.

Gout Relief Review

Now, review each of your requirements to see if they seem reasonable given the resources available. This can be a hard task to do alone, It is best to consult your doctor, but if that is not feasible, please use the gout forums. If you opt for the online version of Stop Gout, I will give my opinion on your expectations.

What To Expect From Gout Relief: Next Steps

You can continue your Personal Treatment Plan now, with Stop Gout 3: What Gout Medicine Suits You?, or return to Stop Gout 1: What To Expect From Gout Relief. If you are unsure, please go back to the Stop Gout Introduction: How To Attack A Gout Attack.

This page explains the first step of GoutPal’s Stop Gout, a 7 step program to provide your personal gout treatment plan.

List of links to other steps coming soon.
GoutPal’s Stop Gout is planned to launch in March 2013. Please start discussing your gout in the forums today. The online version of the program will initially open to active members of the gout forum.

What do you expect from gout relief?

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