Gout Remedies For Pain Relief

When gouty arthritis attacks we all look for gout pain relief.

The usual medicines are various forms of anti-inflammatory drugs, but not everyone can bear the stomach related problems.

And sometimes, we’re desperate for the pain to stop. So what else can we do.

These days there is a tremendous range of general purpose pain-killers. Most of them will relieve any type of pain, not just the pain from inflammation. I’m certainly not going to list them all here, as general pain relief is beyond the scope of this website. But if you explain your situation to your doctor or pharmacist, they will advise you what you might try for fairly instant relief.

In my own situation, I have always found effective relief in the Anti-Inflammatory Gout Cure list. However, when I was hospitalized prior to a proper gout diagnosis with a massively swollen ankle, the doctors prescribed ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory) alternated with acetaminophen (Paracetamol/Tylenol).

This combining of gout remedies can be extremely effective, but must only be done under medical supervision, so be sure to discuss this with your doctor. Combination pain relief can take other forms, where drug companies produce combination pills containing doses of more than one painkiller.

One gout sufferer asked me about Loritab. I found out that this was a combination of hydrocodone (a narcotic pain reliever similar to codeine) and the aforementioned acetaminophen. I believe a similar combination called Vicodin is also available. There are concerns about side-effects of both these drugs, so it really makes sense to limit the use of pain relief and focus on treating the causes of gout. Many others get relief from steroids as pills or shots, but you should be aware that these will reduce your ability to produce natural steroids, so discuss this option carefully with your doctor first.

In essence, there is no reason (other than specific allergies or contraindications) why you should not use any of these pain relievers as short-term gout remedies. Gout inflammation will subside naturally in a few days unless prolonged by further attacks. These general purpose pain-killers will often help you cope, but the best long-term strategy is to lower your uric acid, which will eventually stop gout attacks from recurring.
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Gout Pain Relief: Next Steps

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