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A new gout home remedy is being investigated every month. But how many will make the grade and become natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals?

Though most research is into new gout medicine, a surprising amount of time is spent looking for natural alternatives.

In many cases, these are scientific studies of the properties of natural products used in traditional medicine in various countries. There are also many cases where uric acid reduction has been found as a secondary outcome of other research, and is subsequently investigated more thoroughly for specific action on uric acid.

Though interesting, it is rare for these investigations to produce purposeful results that can help gouty arthritis sufferers. Most of the research is not aimed specifically at discovering a new gout home remedy, but at discovering anti-inflammatory properties, which might be useful, but is not certain.

Even where natural products show specific help in controlling uric acid, there are generally several factors that prevent natural application in the home:

  • Substances are often only extractable in laboratory conditions
  • Natural products are notoriously difficult to control in terms of strength and quality when prepared at home.
  • Most of the research is conducted in test tubes or in animals – no guarantee that this is transferable to human gout sufferers.

Having said that, it is good to see that there is considerable research into discovering properties that might make many natural products suitable as a gout home remedy. Once research indicates that natural products will help gout sufferers, I include them in the Gout Home Remedies guidelines.

Here is a list of gout home remedy research projects that I know about:

Cinnamon Cassia Oil for Gout
Do you use cinnamon cassia oil for gout? Cassia oil can be as effective as allopurinol, but is it safe? See the dangers before using it as a gout home remedy.

There are hundreds of others, so if you know of any that you would like me to review, please ask in the gout forum.

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