First of the natural gout cures pages, this explains the right approach to planning gout treatment that avoids the dangers of poor natural product choices.

Natural gout cures can be an acceptable alternative to gout medication for many gout sufferers.

However, there are real dangers to your health if you do not take the right approach to treatment.

And there are key decisions you have to take to ensure that your natural gout treatment is effective.

The biggest danger of natural gout cures is the ad-hoc approach that many gout sufferers take. There is a correct way to plan and manage gout treatments, and the same principles apply to medical and alternative treatments alike.

Natural Gout Cures Principles

The first principle is to separate gout pain relief from uric acid management. In this gout cures sub-section, I deal with uric acid management. It is vital that you also consider pain relief management during the early months of uric acid control, as it takes time to dissolve the urate deposits that have developed during your years of gout.

The second principle is that you can only manage natural gout cures if you have frequent uric acid tests. Ideally, these should be performed by your doctor, but if this is unrealistic, you must arrange your own lab tests or purchase a home uric acid test meter.

The third principle is that natural gout cure dosages need to be planned for the 3 phases of uric acid control. The phases are:

  1. Titration. Start with the lowest practicable dose, and increase every 2 to 4 weeks until you reach your blood uric acid target for urate deposit removal. This target should be under 6mg/dL (0.36mmol/L). The lower you make this target, the faster you will reach the end of the next phase.
  2. Urate depletion. Maintain your low target level until you have gone 6 months without a gout flare. Test uric acid every one or two months to ensure target level is maintained.
  3. Maintenance. Relax dosage to maintain uric acid level around the 6mg/dL (0.36mmol/L) mark, and never over 6.5mg/dL (0.39mmol/L). Continue testing every 6 months or so for the rest of your life.

All dosage changes must be carefully controlled by uric acid tests. Allow a minimum of 2 weeks between dosage adjustments. Pain relief may be required during phases 1 and 2. I have recommended 6 mg/dL, but if you can improve this, 5 mg/dL is a better target. That gives you a safety margin for natural fluctuations in uric acid level and in temperature,

Natural Gout Cures Practices

You can see from the principles that using natural gout cures is never an easy option. It is vital that you monitor uric acid levels in the blood constantly, or you run real risks of increasing gout flares and destroying joints.

You must take a scientific approach to administering natural gout cures – if they are powerful enough to help you, they deserve respectful handling.

Though there are many natural gout cures for lowering uric acid, few are as effective as conventional medicine, so you must be prepared to seek medical interventions if you cannot reach target uric acid levels through other means.

Natural Gout Cures: Next Steps

Now that you understand the principles involved in lowering uric acid with natural gout treatments, you are ready to read the rest of the gout cures information and develop your own personal plan for fixing your gout.

The gout forum is a good place to discuss your plans and get any help you need deciding on treatment options. It is also wise to read as much as possible in the Gout Treatments Section so that you fully understand the choices during different treatment phases.

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