Celery seed extract and other parts of the celery plant have been used in traditional medicines in many cultures.

There are no investigations into the effects of celery seeds on uric acid in mainstream scientific & medical journals. Celery is mentioned in some reports, but only to state that celery seed extract is used by some gout sufferers but not recommended as part of uric acid lowering treatment.

Now, there is a specific investigation by Chinese researchers, published as part of a huge amount of scientific data recently shared by China and neighboring countries. Researchers have established a connection between celery seed extract and uric acid, if only in rats. However, as we shall see, besides the non-human issue, there may be other problems applying celery seed extract gout cures.

This is a layman’s review of the English abstract and an online translation of the Chinese report. Any shortcomings in summarizing the data correctly are entirely my fault. Given that the report is only a pointer for potential indepth study in humans, I avoid specific detail that might be misinterpreted.

Celery Seed Extract Uric Acid Study

Effect of Celery Seed Extract on Hyperuricemia in Rats
TONG Guo-hui, ZHANG Yi, ZHANG Yao-nan, LI Hong, LIU Jie
FOOD SCIENCE, 2008, 29(12): 641-644.

Celery Seed Extract Uric Acid Objective

The purpose is to study the effects of celery seed extract on:

  • Uric acid levels
  • Joint inflammation from gouty arthritis

The active ingredients of celery seed extract are chrysoeriol-7-O-?-D-glucopyranoside, luteolin and apigenin and other flavonoids.

Celery Seed Extract Uric Acid Methods

50 rats were divided into controls and celery seed extract in 3 different doses. All but one group had uric acid increased using yeast and adenine, with uric acid crystals injected into the ankle. One group had no celery seed extract, and the other three groups were dosed with 375, 750, or 2250mg celery seed extract. This represents doses from 5 to 30 times the clinical dose.

Uric acid, urea nitrogen, creatinine, and liver xanthine oxidase were measured. Ankle swelling was measured, and kidneys inspected.

Celery Seed Extract Uric Acid Results

In the high dose group, significant reduction of uric acid took place, and joint inflammation was lower. In high & mid dose, liver xanthine oxidase activity was reduced. All treatment groups had improved kidney properties compared to the untreated control.

Note that I call uric acid treatments like this Uric Acid Blockers. So search for that term to find more examples.

Celery Seed Extract Uric Acid Conclusion

Celery seed extract has some protective effects on high uric acid and kidney damage.

The authors discuss potential problems whereby the low dose group actually raised uric acid slightly. They note the difficulty associated with high dose whereby the group appeared to be eating less.

The authors recommend further study into appetite suppression.

Celery Seed Extract: Next Steps

Though this investigation points to potential value for gout sufferers from celery seed extract, it is unclear if similar results will occur in humans. Significant questions remain over effective doses. For human consumption, supplements rarely contain significant concentrations of active ingredients. More importantly, there are no safety tests on supplements, so you must be careful.

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