With your first gout attack, you likely saw your doctor to find out how to stop it.

Most gout sufferers wait months, or years, for more gout attacks. Many doctors simply respond to each gout attack. Eventually, you or your doctor get fed up with stopping each attack, and you start to think about how to stop gout completely.

That is the essence of GoutPal’s Stop Gout: Personal Treatment Plan. It is a guide to show you how to stop a gout attack, then how to stop gout ever returning. It is a program that shows you how to create your personal gout treatment guidelines.

Acute Gout Attack 2020 Update

I have replaced this old plan with a range of plans that address different concerns. So you should start reading Questions for Gout Sufferers.

However, I am retaining old plans while I confirm that I’ve moved all relevant facts and tips to those new plans. So you can read the following. Then subscribe to my update service to get email when I update the new plans.

This page introduces and explains my Personal Treatment Plan for gout patients called Stop Gout. It is a 7-step program for creating your own personal gout treatment plan, and links to all steps are at the end of this introduction.
  1. Prepare To Get Rid Of Gout
  2. What To Expect From Gout Relief
  3. What Gout Medicine Suits You?
  4. Select Gout Remedies For Your Personal Treatment Plan
  5. Start Treatment For Gout The Right Way
  6. Cure Gout Symptoms In 3 Phases
  7. Improve Your Plan To Prevent Gout Returning

Attack Your Gout Attack

Until quite recently, some doctors prescribed only pain relief. It was often seen as a valid option to merely stop gout pain. Lowering uric acid to prevent future gout attacks is now gaining greater importance in the medical world. I believe lowering uric acid to safe levels is the most important thing a gout patient can do.

Here’s why finding your own safe level is vital…

There are many more reports of the horrendous damage caused by unchecked uric acid crystals. There are better ways to detect uric acid crystals at earlier stages of gout. There is better understanding of how uric acid crystals damage young cells. This cell damage stops our bodies repairing natural tissue wear, leading to severe damage to joints and other organs. Untreated gout leads to tendinitis, which worsens to osteoarthritis, eventually destroying joints. Lumps in the skin spread to all tissues damaging kidneys, skin, heart, and eventually all soft tissues.

The time to act is now.

Attack Every Gout Attack

By all means, plan a course of treatment that stops gout pain today. But as soon as gout returns a second time, you must develop a lifetime gout treatment plan that keeps you safe from gout damage.

Doctors used to have a favorite way of treating gout. If it worked for a few of their patients, they applied it to everyone. We now know that this is not the right approach. Gout treatment must be planned on a personal, case-by-case basis. The buzzword is “treat to target.” The truth is “treat gout according to individual needs.”

Every gout patient has different history, different symptoms, different reactions to treatment, and different ability to pay. My Stop Gout program follows the latest scientific knowledge and professional advice. Yet it allows you to create an individual plan that matches your personal health, your needs, and your pocket.

All my gout support services are free, but you will need a minimum budget for uric acid lowering treatment and testing. Most people will also require funds for pain relief for up to 6 months. I have links to charitable organizations who can provide this at low, or zero cost. I will introduce you to optional extras along the way. If you have the funds to make treatment easier, that is good, but there is no need to avoid effective gout treatment on the grounds of cost.

How To Attack A Gout Attack: Next Steps

GoutPal’s Stop Gout is a 7-Step program to end gout attacks forever. Each step gives you guidelines to use in your own gout treatment plan. During the early steps, we identify your personal needs, expectations, and resources. This ensures that the treatment plan suits you. You are in complete control of progress, so you can decide if stopping pain is more important than lowering uric acid, or vice versa.

The simple plans do not include direct personal help from me, though I will support them in the gout forum.

How do you deal with a gout attack?

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