Stop Gout Step 1: Prepare To Get Rid Of Gout

The first step in my Stop Gout program is to clarify exactly what you want from your gout treatment plan.

This is the first step in my Personal Treatment Plan for gout patients called Stop Gout. It is a 7 step program for creating your own personal gout treatment plan, and links to all steps are at the end of this get rid of gout explanation.

  1. Prepare To Get Rid Of Gout
  2. What To Expect From Gout Relief
  3. What Gout Medicine Suits You?
  4. Select Gout Remedies For Your Personal Treatment Plan
  5. Start Treatment For Gout The Right Way
  6. Cure Gout Symptoms In 3 Phases
  7. Improve Your Plan To Prevent Gout Returning

What Part Of Gout To Get Rid Of?

It is extremely important to be clear about the purpose of your gout treatment plan. The plan depends entirely on your personal circumstance, what you need to achieve quickly, and what you want to achieve in future.

Ultimately, you need to get rid of excess uric acid, but some gout sufferers are in so much pain that they cannot contemplate a few months trying to get uric acid under control. Actually, it need not be a difficult process, but the more you feel ready to tackle it, the more chance you have of being successful.

A big reason why gout treatment fails is because the patient does not commit to completing the program. That is why I strongly recommend that you start your planning process with what you want to get out of it. Create your own personal checklist to include the aspects of gout that you want to get rid of. These are:

  • Make uric acid safe to stop further damage to joints and soft tissues
  • Get rid of gout pain
  • Prevent pain during the early months of uric acid lowering treatment
  • Dissolve old uric acid crystals
  • Investigate if gout is secondary to a different health condition, and see if controlling that will get rid of gout

These are medical reasons for stopping gout. Later on, we will see that different forms of treatment work faster than others, Stopping gout is never an overnight process, though we can get gout pain relief in an hour or so when it is done correctly.

For your plan, it is a good idea to have some idea how long you want to take. As soon as possible is a perfectly fine answer. When we get further into the planning process I will explain a more accurate estimate of how long it will take to stop gout. For now, just think of roughly how long you are prepared to wait.

Your Purpose For Getting Rid Of Gout

In addition to medical reasons, you can significantly improve your chance of success by including some personal expectations. It can be a specific purpose, e.g. I want to walk 10 miles without discomfort, or a general one, e.g., I want better mobility. If gout has been limiting your work or social life, then now is your time to imagine what you would like to do if gout was not stopping you.

Finally, you need to write down your expectations in a simple paragraph. During the next 3 steps, we may refine or change this statement, but you need a good starting point now. Try to write your expectations in a way that will inspire you if things get tough.

Prepare To Get Rid Of Gout: Next Steps

As I complete the Stop Gout guidelines, I will include detailed notes on each of the medical aspects of getting rid of gout. I may also include some inspirational personal ones, if any good ones are shared in the gout forum.

My own purpose for getting rid of gout was:

I will reduce uric acid as much as I can for 6 to 12 months in an effort to dissolve old uric acid crystals. I will follow this by gout medication to maintain safe uric acid levels at 5mg/dL (0.30 mmol/L) for the rest of my life. I want to do this to prevent damage to my joints and organs, and to stop my confusion between gout and accident damage to my knee.

You can continue your Personal Treatment Plan now, with Stop Gout 2: What To Expect From Gout Relief. If you are unsure, please go back to the Stop Gout Introduction: How To Attack A Gout Attack.

This page explains the first step of GoutPal’s Stop Gout, a 7 step program to provide your personal gout treatment plan.

List of links to other steps coming soon.
GoutPal’s Stop Gout will launch soon. Please start discussing your gout in the forums today. The online version of the program will initially open to active members of the gout forum.

How will you prepare to get rid of gout?

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