Canakinumab Medicine For Gout

Is Canakinumab A New Medicine For Gout?

This canakinumab Medicine for gout report is a layman’s summary of investigations into the effectiveness of canakinumab as a medicine for gout pain relief, presented at the 2012 ACR meeting.

I have summarized 2 studies here – one reporting trials after 24 weeks, focused on efficacy. The second is after 18 months, focused on safety.

Canakinumab Versus Triamcinolone Acetonide

Canakinumab is a drug developed to block inflammation in new ways. Ilaris is the brand name for canakinumab, which started as ACZ885. It was developed, and is licensed for a condition called CAPS. It is currently being trialled as a new form of gout pain relief. It is provided as an injection, deep into the gluteal muscle.

Triamcinolone Acetonide is a synthetic corticosteroid used to treat various skin conditions, relieve the discomfort of mouth sores.

Canakinumab Medicine For Gout Study

Efficacy of Canakinumab Versus Triamcinolone Acetonide According to Multiple Gouty Arthritis-Related Health Outcomes Measures
Ari Gnanasakthy, Andrew Sarkin, Rachel Lale, Kyle Choi and Jan D. Hirsch
ACR Annual Meeting Nov 2012

Canakinumab Medicine For Gout Study: Background/Purpose

This study is a reanalysis of previous comparisons of canakinumab with an equivalent steroid shot. Data from two trials were combined to interpret each patient’s overall response to treatment. Patients in the trials could not use NSAIDs and.or colchicine for various reasons.

Canakinumab Medicine For Gout Study: Methods

Patient responses, and clinical measurements, from two 12 week studies was analyzed for:

  • Uric acid in the blood
  • Gout flare activity
  • Gout Impact Scale (GIS) of the Gout Assessment Questionnaire2 2.0 (comprising 6 items related to pain and quality of life)
  • SF-36

Expert rheumatologists guided categorization of patients as responders or nonresponder

Canakinumab Medicine For Gout Study: Results

For 8 out of 12 variables measured, canakinumab outperformed the steroid.

Canakinumab Medicine For Gout Study: Conclusion

These results demonstrate superior efficacy of canakinumab versus triamcinolone acetonide over 12 weeks in patients contraindicated, intolerant or unresponsive to NSAIDS and/or colchicine.

Canakinumab Safety For Gout Study

Long-Term Safety of Canakinumab in Patients with Gouty Arthritis
Alexander So, Reike Alten, H. Ralph Schumacher, Mark Bloch, Thomas Bardin, Markus R. John, Gerhard Krammer, Jan Michael Nebesky, Aiyang Tao7and Naomi Schlesinger
ACR Annual Meeting Nov 2012

Canakinumab Safety For Gout Study: Background/Purpose


This study follows previous trials, presenting 18-month long-term canakinumab safety data.

Canakinumab Safety For Gout Study: Methods

Gouty arthritis patients from previous trials continued to receive gout pain as required. Previous trial patients remained in canakinumab or steroid groups, but new enrollees were given canakinumab.

Canakinumab Safety For Gout Study: Results

The study presents several tables of detailed analysis. This is beyond the scope of a layman’s summary.

Canakinumab Safety For Gout Study: Conclusion

The clinical safety profile of canakinumab upon re-treatment was maintained long-term with no new infection concerns.

Canakinumab For Gout: Next Steps

These studies indicate that progress is being made on bringing a new gout pain relief to market. I have no timescale yet for when approval is likely.

I will continue to track the progress of this gout medicine through FDA approval. if you want to see when canakinumab becomes licensed for gout pain relief, please subscribe to my free update service:

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