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Allopurinol For Gout

My allopurinol for gout guidelines explain some implications of taking allopurinol for gout.

The main reason for taking allopurinol is to lower uric acid. When it is prescribed correctly, your doctor will take regular blood tests to ensure that your uric acid stays below 6mg/dL. In most cases, the upper limit should be 5mg/dL. For the early months of allopurinol, which is often referred to as the “debulking period,” your target should be much lower than 5mg/dL.

Those are the basic facts about allopurinol for gout. I explain those facts, and others, in detail throughout these allopurinol guidelines. In this page, I look at some practical issues that show why you have to be vigilant about your uric acid level, and your allopurinol dosage.

Despite a half century of allopurinol as the first choice treatment for gout, correct prescribing remains inadequate. In recent years, professional rheumatologists throughout the world have emphasized the need to set safe uric acid levels on a personal basis. Thereafter, physicians should treat-to-target. That is, every gout patient should have a personal target uric acid level, and allopurinol dose should be adjusted to meet that target. In addition, gout patients should:

  • Be pre-screened for genetic liability to Allopurinol Hypersensitivity Syndrome in at-risk ethnic groups (Korean, Han Chinese, and Thai). See Minimize Allopurinol Side Effects
  • Know about the risks of gout flares during the debulking period.
  • Have access to pain prevention or pain treatment during the debulking period.
  • Have kidney function and liver function tests alongside uric acid tests.
  • Have adequate follow-up care for life

In this section of the allopurinol guidelines I review gout studies about allopurinol for gout. They reveal that many basic requirements are missed from many individual’s gout treatments.

Allopurinol For Gout Shortcomings

Is this Allopurinol For Gout right for me photoThese reports show what happens when allopurinol for gout is prescribed wrongly. These gout studies give a scientific insight into shortcomings of prescribing allopurinol for gout. You can see the personal effects in many discussions about allopurinol in the gout forums.

Allopurinol For Gout Dosage (in preparation)
Long-term Allopurinol Safety Study Evaluating Outcomes in Gout Patients (LASSO). Much less than half allopurinol patients get enough allopurinol for gout to make uric acid safe.

Allopurinol For Gout Extra Benefits

Despite the shortcomings of many allopurinol for gout treatment programs, there are extra benefits. To get these benefits, it is quite easy to check your own numbers, and insist that you get the right allopurinol treatment for your gout. Everyone has free access to my gout support services. I will help you ensure your treatment is right for you, and I provide useful links at the end of this article.

When you get the right allopurinol for gout, you stop fearing the next gout attack. In my experience, this ability to take control of your gout encourages you to take control of other aspects of your life that worry you.

Every gout sufferer has their own extra benefits, and you can share these in the gout forums. To me, the biggest benefit is that, when you are on the right allopurinol for gout plan, you are monitored for life. Many gout sufferers can take a break from daily allopurinol, once their uric acid is proved to be fully under control. However, you can never take a break from annual blood tests.

Annual blood tests ensure that you never suffer gout again. When tests are done properly, liver function and kidney function tests give you extra security. If you are unlucky to develop other illnesses, these tests will often give your doctor early warning signs. You remain gout free, with the extra benefit of better than average detection of other health problems. Early detection increases your chance of successful treatment.

Allopurinol For Your Gout

Many gout patients get effective allopurinol for gout treatment programs from their doctors. However, studies show that most do not.

Now that you know what your allopurinol for gout treatment should be, I can help you overcome any shortcomings. We need to make sure that your allopurinol treatment plan is the best it can be for your gout. If you have any doubts, please ask in the gout forum now. You need to Log In to GoutPal before you can post in the forum. Alternatively, you can get help via the orange Gout Support button, or by using the feedback form below.

You can read more in the allopurinol for gout prevention index, or browse related information in the Allopurinol Guidelines.

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