Live Without Gout Pain

Gout pain is what drives most people to seek a gout diagnosis.

Commonly, you wake up with a swollen big toe that is so painful that you hobble to your doctor. He examines the joint, suspects gout, and orders a uric acid blood test. Later, he confirms a diagnosis of gout from those test results, and from the nature of your gout pain. If unsure, you might get passed to a rheumatologist, who will draw fluid from the joint, find uric acid crystals, and pronounce you a true gout patient.

This page introduces and explains my Personal Symptoms Assessment and Diagnosis Plan for gout sufferers called I Have Gout. It is a 7 step program for creating your own personal gout symptoms plan, and links to all steps are at the end of this introduction.

  1. Signs Of Gout
  2. End Acute Gout and More
  3. Your Symptoms Of Gout
  4. Is It Tophaceous Gout Or Swollen Joints?
  5. Uric Acid Test To Start
  6. Gout Diagnosis At Last
  7. Ignorance Causes Gout

However, most suspected gout patients never see a rheumatologist, and diagnosis from symptoms is often difficult, or misunderstood.

If you are one of the many people who cannot get a confirmed diagnosis of gout-like symptoms, then my I Have Gout program will help you.

To be clear, the program is aimed at three groups of people:

New To Gout
If you think you might have gout, but do not yet have a diagnosis, use this program to follow a few simple steps. Learn what to expect from the diagnosis process, ensuring that your symptoms are examined and tested.
Refused diagnosis
If you suspect gout, but are told that it cannot be, learn the reasons why gout symptoms can sometimes be misinterpreted.
Need to know more
If you have a gout diagnosis, but want to understand more about symptoms and causes, use this program to learn more about your gout.

Living With Gout Pain

If you are living with gout pain, or have other reasons for suspecting you have gout, the I Have Gout program is for you. It can also help if you have a gout diagnosis, but want to understand what it means, or why you have it.

I assume you are here because of doubt about your suspected gout, or because you do not know how to deal with gout-like symptoms. It is good to be suspicious of gout, but just because a friend suspects it, you still have to get a proper diagnosis. It is pointless to waste time trying to relieve gout pain, if it is not gout. You might get some relief, but you can never be sure that whatever you choose as a treatment is not making things worse.

Similarly, if you simply take painkillers, you are only getting temporary relief for gout symptoms. If you are living with gout pain, you must deal with the cause. Failure to treat it properly, leads to progressive bad health, and a miserable old age.

Living Without Gout Pain

Doctors used to believe that the only thing you could do for gout pain was to control it. With the advent of allopurinol over 40 years ago, doctors had the option of treating the cause of gout. The only true gout cause is high uric acid, and there are now several medications to lower it.

For many years, there were two alternative options for managing gout pain. You could either take allopurinol to lower uric acid, or take pain relief to reduce the gout pain. These days, the only valid reason for pain relief is as a temporary measure until a proper diagnosis is reached, or during the early months of uric acid lowering treatment.

This recent change has not yet spread throughout the medical profession. Indeed, there may still be references to the outdated practice of longterm pain relief on this website. If so, please tell me in the gout forums so that I can correct it. To be clear, you should never need colchicine, NSAIDs, steroids, or any other form of pain relief for gout pain beyond six months. There might be exceptional cases that require pain relief for longer, but this is definitely on a case-by-case basis.

I cover the details of relief for gout pain in the Stop Gout program. For now, forget medications, and focus on understanding gout symptoms.

In the I Have Gout program, the emphasis is on identifying your specific gout symptoms, then getting the right tests to confirm you as a gout patient. The program also looks beyond the diagnosis to look at some of the reasons for gout. I will also point you in the direction of relevant resources if your gout-like symptoms are found to be something else.

Living Without Gout Pain: Next Steps

The step by step processes in the I Have Gout program will allow you to be certain if you have gout or not. Once you know, you can start a Stop Gout personal treatment plan.

You should never ignore gout pain or other gout symptoms. You should never treat it with pain relief for longer than six months. It is a progressive illness that spreads throughout your body. Gout flares become more frequent, more widespread, and more painful. Eventually joints start to crumble, and uric acid crystals spread to soft tissues, destroying skin, kidneys, and all organs. If you suspect gout, you must get a clear diagnosis now, followed by an effective treatment plan.

Pending completion of this program to help you assess your gout symptoms, you should seek help in the gout forums. Active members of the gout forums will get priority access to these new gout support services when they are launched.

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