End Acute Gout and More

End Acute Gout and More is the second step in the I Have Gout program.

In the previous step, I Have Gout 1: Signs Of Gout, you created a list of your gout symptoms and your Personal Signs Of Gout Statement. In this step, you will learn what to expect from a gout diagnosis.

This step is particularly important for people who suspect they have gout, but have been refused a gout diagnosis. You need to make a list of the reasons why your doctor says it is not gout. From this, you can check later that the right tests have been done.

This page covers the second step in my Personal Symptoms Assessment and Diagnosis Plan for gout sufferers called I Have Gout. It is a 7 step program for creating your own personal gout symptoms plan, and links to all steps are at the end of this acute gout explanation.

  1. Signs Of Gout
  2. End Acute Gout and More
  3. Your Symptoms Of Gout
  4. Is It Tophaceous Gout Or Swollen Joints?
  5. Uric Acid Test To Start
  6. Gout Diagnosis At Last
  7. Ignorance Causes Gout

Many people believe a gout diagnosis is a simple yes or no decision. Either, you can say “I have gout,” or, you cannot. This is true, to a certain extent, but you also need to think about why you are seeking to understand your symptoms, and what you will do once you get your diagnosis. In other words, what is the value of a gout diagnosis to you, and what are you prepared to pay for it?

I believe this is important because it is too easy to be driven along by doctor’s procedures. It is too easy to end up in a waiting game where you are not sure what to do next, and nobody is helping you. I’m assuming that you are having difficulties getting a clear diagnosis of your symptoms, or difficulties understanding your diagnosis. These difficulties should be apparent in your Personal Signs Of Gout Statement. If not, please return to step 1, and revise your statement to make your difficulties clear.

Note that, for most gout sufferers, this step is very simple. I include it because sometimes the situation is complicated by other diseases, such as kidney disease. It can also be complicated by strong attitudes. For instance, if you are showing all the signs of acute gout, but you have a strong aversion to taking uric acid lowering treatment for the rest of your life, it is best to include this in your plans now, rather than wait for the treatment stage.

Similarly, if you have the type of personality that needs to know every last detail about your specific causes of gout, include this in your plans now. It is a good time to look ahead, and see what your expectations are. Every gout sufferer has different expectations, and so I will start with common examples, and extend the list if you tell me I have not included your concerns.

Now we will go through each of your needs and desires expressed in your gout statement, and develop a plan that matches the resources available to you.

End Acute Gout and More

The simple expectation for most people is a quick diagnosis of what they assume to be acute gout, with pointers to some reasons, if they are obvious.

For gout suspects who have been refused a diagnosis, you should make a note of the reasons. Some common reasons are:

  • Acute gout not in big toe
  • Uric acid not “High”
  • Female
  • Vegetarian
  • Normal weight

For people who want to understand more about their gout diagnosis, you might want to know what type of high uric acid you have. Do you produce too much uric acid? Do you excrete too little uric acid through your kidneys?

Acute Gout: Next Steps

You should now have a list of expectations that extend your signs of gout from step 1. If you need help with this, please ask in the gout support forum.

Next we will look in detail at each symptom (pain, swelling, redness, itching, etc) in I Have Gout 3: Gout Symptoms.

Leave Acute Gout to browse other I Have Gout steps.

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