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I Have Gout: Personal Symptoms Assessment And Gout Diagnosis Plan

I have gout, but I control it well, and I can help you to control yours.

In most cases, gout cannot be cured, but it can be controlled. Before you do anything, you have to have your gout symptoms checked by a qualified doctor. With a professional diagnosis, you can start controlling gout. You might even be one of the small numbers of gout patients who can be cured.

The only way to be certain is to have your own personal assessment of your gout symptoms, followed by a clear gout diagnosis.

If you are unsure how to get this, or why you need it, then use my I Have Gout personal gout support service to help you plan how to assess gout symptoms and get a clear diagnosis.

Please note that I am still developing the public versions of my gout diagnosis plans. You can get personal help to assess your symptoms and find a good diagnosis today. All you have to do is ask for a gout diagnosis plan in the new gout forum.

I am refining my gout diagnosis planning services. I have identified that there are three main groups of gout sufferers who need different plans. These are:

People who think they might have gout, but don’t have a gout diagnosis. Also gout patients who have a diagnosis, but don’t believe it. For Gout-Doubters, I am developing GoutPal’s Gout Diagnosis Plan.
Diagnosed gout patients who struggle to accept it, and want to know ‘Why Me?’ For Gout-Victims, I am developing GoutPal’s Gout Causes Plan.
Diagnosed gout patients who want to understand their symptoms better in order to get the best treatment. For Gout-Fighters, I am developing GoutPal’s Gout Symptoms Plan.

You can get these plans now. See my gout management service. I’m working on formal documentation for new gout management plans. The steps I’ve listed below will change and expand. If you want to know when this happens, please subscribe to my update service.

I Have Gout: Introduction

I Have Gout Banner
I Have Gout is the first of three planning services that help you control your gout. If you are not sure that you have gout, you cannot learn to control it. Each of the three services is independent, and come with different levels of support. Learn more about the scheme in my gout support services.

Each program has seven steps that allow you to manage gout effectively, together with an introduction, and explanation guidelines.

I Have Gout: Symptoms Assessment & Diagnosis

I Have Gout: Live Without Gout Pain

People get confused by different gout symptoms. My introduction to the I Have Gout program explains the right way to find a life without gout pain. It explains why following the seven-step approach avoids confusion. You can skip this introduction, and just follow the plan. However, if you want to know why this plan works, please read this explanation of pain as a symptom of gout. Learn why gout is much more than a swollen big toe. Learn to live without gout pain.

I Have Gout 1: Signs Of Gout

You must start by acknowledging the signs of gout. This lays the foundation for all our personal gout management planning. We have to focus on your signs and symptoms of gout, not the general descriptions from out-of-date journals, or your mates in the pub. What Are Your Signs Of Gout?

I Have Gout 2: End Acute Gout and More

Pain from acute gout flares is usually what drives us to seek a gout diagnosis. But gout management is about much more than treating gout pain. Learn your personal gout triggers, but more importantly, learn what to expect from your gout diagnosis. What can you expect from an acute gout diagnosis?

I Have Gout 3: Your Symptoms Of Gout

Building on the first two steps, we can now focus on your personal gout symptoms. Learn to identify different symptoms of gout. Then learn how to check if they apply to you. Do you understand your symptoms of gout?

I Have Gout 4: Is It Swollen Joints Or Tophaceous Gout?

Now we understand gout symptoms, we can assess how they apply to each individual case. Despite several common themes, every gout patient is affected in different joints and has a different distribution of tophi. This personal assessment is important for proper diagnosis. It is also important beyond gout diagnosis, as reducing symptoms are the clearest indication that your gout is under control. What are your swollen joints, and where do you have tophaceous gout?

I Have Gout 5: Uric Acid Test Is Just A Start

Gout tests are vital to determine if you have gout, or a disease with similar symptoms, such as pseudogout. Uric acid tests are the main ways to assess gout, and related tests can help identify some reasons why you have gout.

I Have Gout 6: Gout Diagnosis At Last

The most important, though not the final step, is to get your gout diagnosis. It could be from your family doctor or a gout specialist such as a rheumatologist. At last, you can say with certainty “I have gout.” If not, you can learn what to do next about your gout-like symptoms.

I Have Gout 7: Procrastination Causes Gout

As soon as people get a gout diagnosis, they invariably look for the causes of gout. I appreciate how important this is, but you must appreciate that it is unsafe to delay treatment. We end the program with personal advice on understanding the causes of your gout, and if you can cure secondary gout or move on to Stop Gout.

I Have Gout: Next Steps

I continue to refine and develop my gout management plans. My techniques make every day a Great Day for Gout Freedom. By following a personal plan, you can understand your gout, and control it. There is no need to wait for formal documentation – just get your gout management plan now.

2017 Update

In addition to Doubters, Victims, and Fighters, I have identified more types. So, you should start with Questions for Gout Sufferers. Because that introduces management plans for eight types of gout sufferer.

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