Treat Uric Acid With Acupuncture is my review of benefits of acupuncture for uric acid control. In detail, it supports Gout And Acupuncture, which you should read first.

Treat Uric Acid With Acupuncture Audience

I wrote Treat Uric Acid With Acupuncture for GoutPal Seekers. Because it will help them at Step 3 of their gout management plan. At this time, GoutPal Seekers are still deciding between drugs, herbs, or diet to reduce uric acid. So, acupuncture gives you another treatment choice. To check your Gout Sufferer Type, see Questions for Gout Sufferers.

Uric Acid and Acupuncture

This is my layman’s review of a 2013 assessment of Uric Acid and Acupuncture in 8 gout studies[*]. Although the report compares Randomized Control Trials (RCTs), I focus on the acupuncture element. Because I believe that any plan to treat uric acid must optimize the treatment for the specific individual. Therefore, my review gives pointers for you to discuss your personal treatment with your acupuncturist. Also, note that practical acupuncture treatment is likely to include related procedures. Such as moxibustion, cupping, etc.

Acupuncture Points for Gout

The report and associated references include details of acupuncture points for gout. So, I have included these though I do not understand them. But, I believe they might be useful for discussing how your acupuncturist will treat your uric acid.

In the table, I have converted Uric Acid(UA) values to mg/dL, from the original μmol/L, using my uric acid calculator. The ‘Start UA’ column is blank for some studies, where English language data is not available.

Uric Acid and Acupuncture Summary

In conclusion, we see that the 2013 report found 8 studies that prove acupuncture can lower uric acid. Also, this has been repeated in more recent studies. However, the authors warn that findings are low quality. So, more high-quality investigations need to be done.

How do you Treat Uric Acid With Acupuncture?
Have you tried Acupuncture to Lower Uric Acid?

Your Uric Acid and Acupuncture

Now you can see that acupuncture could help you lower your uric acid. But, you have to find the right practitioner. Then, you can share your experiences in the gout forum. However, you should know that I have no personal experience of acupuncture. So, I can help you with planning, and help you ask the right questions. But, you will need to find your own acupuncturist.

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Uric Acid and Acupuncture References

* This is a review of:

Lee WB, Woo SH, Min BI, Cho SH.
Acupuncture for gouty arthritis: a concise report of a systematic and meta-analysis approach.
Rheumatology (Oxford). 2013 Jul;52(7):1225-32.

The following list of references are from the original report. However, I have omitted references that I have not referred to in my review, above. For the full report, you can search the Internet for the report title. Or, GoutPal Members can download a PDF copy of the report for personal private use.

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