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Uric Acid PDFs start as abstracts of uric acid studies. Because all the facts on GoutPal must be backed by scientific research. Then different things happen, depending on how the associated PDF file is needed by GoutPal members.

Historically, the files come from original GoutPal research. So, they support one or more GoutPal articles.

Increasingly, new uric acid research is introduced by GoutPal members and visitors. Then we discuss the report and use the information to improve existing GoutPal pages. Or publish new GoutPal uric acid facts.

In any case, uric acid PDFs are available to GoutPal members for collaborative research projects. Or for individuals to assess how details within the report match their personal circumstances.

Please note that this is currently a placeholder for new PDFs that I will add shortly. So if you want to know when those files are available you should subscribe to my free update service:

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Uric Acid PDFs List

PDF Name Title References
Bile changes daily uric acid rythms Periodic variation in bile acids controls circadian changes in uric acid via regulation of xanthine oxidase by the orphan nuclear receptor PPARα Are Gall Bladder Removal and Gout Related?

On each Uric Acid PDF page, I include specific instructions on how to get a copy of that file. In the meantime, here are my general principles:

  • I only share Uric Acid PDFs with active GoutPal members
  • I prefer to share with a group of members as part of a collaborative research project.
  • For individual shares, I expect members to post summaries of how each uric acid PDF has helped their personal situation.
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Your Uric Acid PDFs

Do you have PDFs of uric acid studies? Please consider adding them to the GoutPal PDF library. You can use the same form that we use to share gout pictures. Because it accepts most common file types. So please go to that form to share your uric acid PDF now. But don’t forget to post about your PDF and how it helped you understand uric acid better.

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