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    zip2play said:

    I've only found one: BEER…lots of it.

    But has beer really been a consistent “trigger”?  Yes, I know all of the science is there, but in practical terms I've certainly gone on a bender without getting a subsequent attack.  I talked to my doctor in Japan about this once.  He is quick to say that my American diet and taste for beer are the cause.  (And I'm sure he's right in principle.)   But I mentioned that I spent 3 years back in the US after first being diagnosed with Gout and never had a serious attack in that time.  His response: “That's because you have sh#$ beer in the US.” 

    The response, while funny, does make me wonder if “Light” beer might somehow be less likely to cause an attack.  (Or is that just wishful thinking?)

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    Hello Chou,

    I've been lurking here for a while, but have never signed up or posted.  I read your post and thought, “That sounds exactly like I was.”  Since I've been there, I know that what you are not looking for at this moment is weight loss advice.  You are not looking for someone to blame you for getting yourself into this position. 

    You are likely depressed and in more pain than you have experienced previously in your life.  Many of us have been there.  At this moment, cutting off your leg may even seem like a legitimate pain management idea. 

    There is some really good advice here about pain management.  Naproxen works so much better than anything else for me that I have gone to great lengths to get it in Japan where it is not sold.

    The biggest thing to understand at this moment is this.  If your doctor has never had gout, your family members have never had gout, and your friends have never had gout, none of them understand this pain.  And frankly, there is nothing you can do to truly make them understand.  The people here do understand and reading through this forum can be just as helpful to your overall well being as medicine.  Stick with it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)