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    I have been suffering through my current flare up for 2 months. Previously my last flare up was two years ago but I subsequently reduced my weight 70lbs through diet and exercise and I was able to eat all kinds of foods ago. Anyways I gained the 40lbs back in the last 7 months and gout came back with ferocity. Its been two months since this attack and I made dietary changes and lost a few pounds (didn’t want to loose to much then the gout make flare up again) but the gout has been lingering. Not nearly as painful as the first 2 weeks but I am limited still in my activity.
    In the last week I have been able to walk more so I went to the grocery store and I noticed they had alkaline water bottled so i bought it remembering it was believed to help people reduce the acidity in their body (ie uric acid). I quickly drank the bottle because it was hot and in an hour my gouty arthritis was gone but it was replaced with water on the knee. It seems it liquefied the crystals and now I just have a really stiff knee but the sheering pain of uric acid crystals is gone. I can manage the water on the knee and i’v’e been drinking tons of regular water in hopes to flush the uric acid out. In any event I suggest if you have a flare up to drink some alkaline water, it wont cure you but it will eliminate the pain of the crystals. On Monday I’m going to the Russian spa, going to the spa has given me a lot more mobility and since the gout has liquefied I am hoping it will completely eliminate the excess uric acid (remember to drink a ton of water if you use sauna because your body needs to be replenished with water while your sweating it out) . I’ll try to update this thread if theres further interest but I feel I have embarked on a potential treatment.

    1. dietary change 2. alkaline water to reduce acidity 3. spa/suana to losen up and expel the toxins/ acid

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