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    Thank you all for all your usefull information, you've made my mind up for me and I'm going to start taking my allopurinal again. I know in the past I was advised to wait until my gout had cleared up before starting taking it, is this common practise or could I start now while I've still got a slight pain ? And is it advisable to go straight into taking 200mg per day or should I slowly build up that ?

    Alo has anyone got any experience of taking prednislone because I've been given enough for 5 days but I'm a bit concerned as I'm over half way through this now and I'm still in pain, I'm due to take my last on saturday and I don't want to be suddenly struck with crippling pain on sunday when the pain killers have worn off and there's no way of getting anything else to ease the pain til mon day morning when the docs open ! Am I right in thinking that prednislone is just a strong pain killer and doesn't do anything to break down the uric acid/crystals (please excuse my ignorance) ? And is there anything I could do to speed up this process ?

    Thanks again for all your help, it's such a relief to find others that suffer with the same problem as me but actually know what they're taking about !!



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