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    I'm approaching my mid-50's and about a month ago had what was

    probably my first gout attack.? Big ball joint behind the right big

    toe.? Very touch-sensitive, and generating a lot of heat and swelling.

    Because of peculiar biases in my own upbringing and culture, I

    avoid seeing physicians whenever possible, so I rode things out.? I

    noticed pretty quickly that the usual aspirin or NSAID wasn't helping

    much, so I abandoned those right quick.? There was one entirely

    sleepless night due to the pain, and episodes of same on a few other

    nights.? It largely receded in about a week, but regained some strength

    at that point but without the searingsort of pain, and took another week

    or two after that for swelling to recede pretty much back to my normal



    For whatever reasons, I've been particularly lethargic in 2011 —

    'til this probable gout episode, my diet had been very heavy on proteins,

    and my water intake quite low.? I've adjusted that quite a bit.? As I

    mentioned above, I avoid doctors whenever possible due to my own quirks,

    and it's almost certainly going to take another such episode to drive

    me into an MD's office.


    I've read quite a bit in the forum.? Keith, I'm sure you're aware

    that there's nothing else quite like it that one can conjure up on one's

    computer screen for this subject.? I'm predisposed toward trying to

    ride this out in denial with improvements to diet and exercise, and

    giving a shot to a folk remedy or two ? but now I am at least armed with

    better knowledge.? I've read enough old posts here to know this is

    pretty typical.? I may well end up purchasing a home UA test, as I've

    learned at least this much from perusing the forum, and see what that

    number looks like for me.? & if they're bad, I'll know what I should

    do next, I guess: go visit the quack for scripts and more visits.


    Just by way of saying hello, and thanks.? I appreciate having found

    this great source of information.? And I hope that with the exception of

    this thread, I never have to post here again? 🙂


    It is important that you get some reading of Uric Acid? between this last attack and the NEXT.WinkWink


    So if you have ANY reason to go to an MD, make sure a uric acid blood draw is part of the visit.

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