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    Stephen Q Shannon

    INTERIM INFO filed under my personal profile as at that moment I did notice how to open a new public message. Rookie mistake.

    When I have the metrics I shall share them and same goes for gathering my personal “gout facts”.

    Keith, thanks for your robust response. I will read it again after lunch USET at about 3pm.


    Keith Taylor

    Nice to see your gout facts, Stephen.

    I’m particularly interested in “Ironically I serve on a board populated by primary care MDs. I am the mandated patient rep.
    Next meeting is in Dec”

    What a great opportunity to see what percentage follow the professional guidelines, and treat gout on an individual basis to ensure a treatment plan that brings uric acid down to 5mg/dL or less.

    Keith Taylor

    Hey @stephen-q-shannon

    How is your gout treatment progressing?

    I’ve changed the profile information since your last visit, so now’s a good time to login and update that.

    stephen q shannon

    Keith, thanks for asking on behalf of the community to update.

    Currently downgraded, my words, not the MD’s, to “arthralgias”
    Now in physical therapy for trauma from bike spill of 6+ months
    or so ago (when I first joined GP) that caused two fractured fingers on right hand.

    (That and other hurts seemed to trigger a “gout-like” event in November 2014). The effectiveness of Prednisolone (reported earlier) and favorable recent uric acid metrics apparently convinced two MDs that
    I have arthralgias and no gout events.

    Even the arthralgias has improved aided by regular licensed physical and massage therapy.

    I am learning that in my eighth decade, I do not heal as rapidly as I once did and that sudden bumps (trauma) may take 3 days to deliver pain.

    Currently pain-free.

    Keep up the great work.

    sQs Your advocate! Delray Beach FL USA

    Keith Taylor

    Here’s a quick update @stephen-q-shannon

    I’ve started doing proactive personal reviews of each GoutPal member. I’m working my way down the GoutPal Leaderboard. I’m fairly certain that, if you had any current issues, you would have brought them to my attention.

    This is just a friendly reminder that I’m still around if you need me. There is no need to respond to this, unless you wish to do so.

    I’ll continue to add occasional messages like this, unless you ask me not to. I won’t add any more unless there are some changes in your circumstances that warrant my input.

    Take care of yourself sQs, and thank you for your support.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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