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    How are my fellow gout sufferers doing? I don't remember when I last posted but seems it was many months ago or even a year?

    I have been doing ok. No attacks as such or pain in my foot.

    Tightness once or twice for few hours but no deal breaker. Have not been

    checking my SUA levels? every week/day? like I used to and have just got on

    with life. When I did go to GP for general check the levels were always

    under 6. Mostly around 4.3 to 5 mark.


    What prompted me to run back here was this?..


    Few months ago we renovated our flat. This involved lot of lifting and

    painting all the interior walls. I painted using those roller

    things on stick. I was pressing it against the wall a lot while


    As a result of all the effort my thumbs,? fingers, wrist and whole body got really sore.

    The body soreness went away relatively fast, wrist soreness was next to go, thumb joint soreness

    stayed for few weeks and eventually kind of went but my finger join soreness has

    not gone away even after 2.5 months cry

    My finger joints have low level pain constantly. Middle fingers on both

    hands have the most pain. Only the top most joints have the pain, the joints between the red and blue part.

    Here is the thing. I have zero swelling, zero redness maybe no

    stiffness either. So no visual signs. Every morning when I wake up I do

    notice the pain even though it is stays similar level throughout the

    day. I can type without pain, I can do gym without noticing the pain but

    if I open the fridge with the finger I can feel clear pain. If I press

    the joint then I feel clear pain too.

    My guess for possible causes:

    1- All the painitng and lifting resulted in urate deposits that might have existed in my hand getting released.

    2- 1 + start of Gout induced Arthritis?

    3- None of the above and just need more time to heal?

    4- I have other condition to go with Gout?

    If you remember my toe Gout was not typical either ie. I had constant

    medium level pain for almost a year before I got full blown first

    classic Gout attack. I hope it is not the same story getting played but this time in my hands. Time will tell. I am seeing my Rhumatologist in few weeks for general check up so will get my hand X-rayed.

    See what he thinks.

    Anyway say hello even if you don't have any diagnosis for me wink


    Hi Veg,?I just started checking back in here myself. It's been kind of slow around here lately. It's good to have you back.?I hope you get your new pain under control soon. Limpy.


    limpy said:

    Hi Veg,?I just started checking back in here myself. It's been kind of slow around here lately. It's good to have you back.?I hope you get your new pain under control soon. Limpy.

    Yeah it seems very slow here.? My new pain is not very painful as such. It's very minor but you know with being a Gouty any pain gets the alarm bells ringing.

    I got my blood tested couple of days ago and blood uric acid level was 4mg/dl so all is good on that side.


    How is your Gout doing? Thanks for the reply Limpy.


    Hey Veg,?I still have pain but nothing like i use to. I'm upping my Allop to 300mgs from 200mgs hoping to clear out the pain. We'll see. Don't wait so long to check back in. Limpy


    Hi veg,


    First thought: those end joints are the first affected by osteoarthritis?the badly named “wear and tear” arthritis. Hard work will bring?pain in this condition and naproxyn works well for pain.


    ?But I have a slightly sore, if I think about it,?distal joint on my little finger that had two small nodules. They could be tophus from arthritis or a Heberden's node of OA. If I weren't a gouty I'd never never given them much thought

    The same finger has become a “trigger finger” the last month caused by an obstruction of the tendon in one of those purple carpal joints. An inside invisible?tophus or OA? Hard to know.


    A test might be to check the response to 6 or 8 colchicine?gout should respond much better than OA.


    But for me, I will just wait watchfully at the little finger but have that carpall joint shot up with cortisone?a trigger finger is a bitch becasue it springs open and a handful of vitamins and medicaments goes flying around the bathroom, some inevitably into the toilet. A decade ago a cortisone shot? into exactly the same place freed the trigger?but JESUS was that a painful shot.


    Nice hand picture?I may steal it.

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