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    Scott Zeller

    I have had gout off and on for 9 years. I am a 60 yr old male and not obese…maybe 10 lbs more than I would like.

    Recently, I had a 3 week stint of “gout knee”. It was horrible. I hadn’t had any symptoms for about a year and take allopuribol daily. I have noticed increasing bumps and stiffness in my fingers joints. I also get shooting pains, mostly in my feet, like getting stuck with a pin or worst. Also, I have been experiencing restless leg syndrome as of late.

    Other than that, my weight and blood pressure are ok. I did go through a period of feeling fatigued a bot two moths ago and my triglyceride level has always been high.

    I’ve read so many different things…very confusing, I was told allopurinal is bad for my liver..and my sister told me to drink or eat cherry juice and take Apple vinegar.


    Keith Taylor

    Hi scott, sorry for the delay in replying.

    Allopurinol is not bad for your liver.

    It sounds to me like you are on the wrong dose. Underdosing allopurinol is very bad for gout.

    Allopurinol dose should be adjusted by your doctor to make your uric acid level safe. This is a personal value that depends on your current health and personal history. Normally, it should be under 5mg/dL, though there are some exception for people with kidney disease.

    You should have blood tests at least once a year to make sure your uric acid is safe. Where adjustment is needed, you should be retested each month, and dose adjusted until it is safely below your personal maximum.

    If you need any help understanding safe uric acid levels, or how to insist you get proper allopurinol dose, please ask.

    Please let me know how you get on with your allopurinol dose and uric acid control. If you are worried about any other aspects of gout, please just ask.


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