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    I may have asked this before recently , but i'm at the end of my rope here and cant remember…

    Has anyone here gone on with pain symptoms.., ie : cant walk without a limp, for 3 months without a break?

    as soon as my left foot feels close to normal the right one starts up.. then the left .then the right ..this has gone on for 3 months and actually most of the summer starting in june has been like this…  i still cant put the insoles of my sneakers in yet.. 

    does this sound familiar to anyone.. in the past i might go a few weeks .. but htis is never letting up..



    Yes, I limped for more than 3 months, almost 4 plus. It is now close to six months but I still have uneasy foot and difficult wearing most shoes…..it is pick and choose on daily basis…

    But my case is a combination of Gout plus fracture in the bone under the toe due to hard stumping of my right big toe, which actually triggered the gout at first place.

    Things have improved a lot but I am still not 100% normal in walking like I used to be. The doctors say it is due to residual effects of frature. They may be right as when I put the sleeve on my foot before wearing the show, it makes my walking much more easy.

    Currently ,I am on 300 mg Allop for last 2 months ( started with 150 mg 3 and half months back) and my current SUA levels are hovering around 4 since last 8 weeks.


    I'm no expert, but  if my symptoms are typical gout then a few weeks is the usual -agony then goes and just residual twinges here and there depending somewhat on diet/exercise etc levels.

    I would suspect anything really persistent could be a secondary problem.

    There's absolutely no reason why other arthritic illness cannot co-exist with gout, afaik.

    John, you need to update with your figures on blood test UA and treatment meds- if they're buried on here by now.

    It does sound you have typical mobile gout flares when hovering around the critical level of 6mg/dL- many report on taking UA lowering drugs.

    Also ,are you taking in anything that is bad for gout and maintaining the sequence?


    i am there with u. Getting better only very gradually. I am trying to have faith in the medicine knowing that you must go through attacks to be free from them for a few months. Sucks, but I think that  is the deal. It has been mentioned here that we should get UA levels down as quickly as possible and keep them down…I know it is not exactly what anyone wants to hear-but that is it, unfortunately there is no magic bullet.

    Hang in there


    My attacks before treatment were different…brutal assaults and then gone in 3 days. THen a nine-day attack of podagra that was stopped entirely by a huge amount of colchicine. Right as rain the next day.

    I guess the only thing that lingered with me, for a couple years, was an achey thumb toplus which is fine now. It eventually worked it's way out under the thumbnail and then out a drilled hole in the nail over a one year period while on allopurinol.


    thats what's weird with me… i dont have tophi… and i use to have those kinds of attacks , although they would last a little longer than 3 days…. but now it seems different… lingering and switching from one foot to next without a break…  …maybe its not gout…  but i do have high UA numbes… as high as 10.4 … now with home tester  btween 6.8 -8.6… maybe there are two different things going on with me.. my Rheumatoligist is taking forever to find out whats going on… anybody know a good gout doctor in NYC?

    Richard Bell

    I’m seeing a Rheumatology and immunology specialist here on Staten Island. If it wasn’t for her I would probably still be in the hospital. As has been chronicled here in these pages by the others the medical community is not very knowledgeable about gouty arthritis and many don’t take this affliction seriously. This specialist seems to me to know more about gouty arthritis than anyone else, including my primary physician, that I’ve been in contact with in the medical community. Under her care since August of this year I have progressed from not even being able to go to the toilet on my own to living fairly normally but with tinges of disolving crystals. By my own choice I have weened myself from all pain medications and currently take 0.6mg cholchicine twice daily and 40mg of Uloric once daily.The Uloric is not the popular drug on this forum that Allopurinol is but I figure if I’m going to continue paying this doctor for my care I might as well take what she prescribes. If your interested I could put up contact info.


    Rucyrius: I agree, my attacts can last for months. Usually the server pain only last a few days to a week but the it seem to travel from my foot to my knee or shoulder and pain lingers for months. Seen my MD at  the beging of the week. I ask about pseudo gout causeing it and he assured me that my uric acid levels were up and that was what caused it. He told me that when you get gout in your knee or other places and your uric acid levels are low its proably pseudo gout but when leves are up it gout. I hope yours dont last as long as mine but I agree with you.

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