Gout & Purine Diet Debate Guidelines

This page describes how to discuss gout diet issues, including any aspect of gout food, drink or lifestyle, e.g. a purine diet plan. These debates go beyond simple gout diet questions, e.g. what are purines, to allow gout sufferers to share experiences and opinions

Most gout diet debates are linked to pages within this gout diet reference section, or the associated gout diet news updates.

Other debates cover issues in the news, or topics that are still under investigation or development.

You can also start your own gout diet debate if you want to share an opinion or experience about gout food, drink, or lifestyle.

Joining debates is easy, and you should read the Gout Debate Guidelines before browsing the current gout diet debates.

Most of the following information relates to starting a new gout diet topic, but it will help you to contribute to existing debates before you start a new one. It is also vital that you search for your planned topic using the search box near the top of each page. This lets you find existing information and associated debates. If you find something similar to your planned topic, please join that debate rather than start a new one. However, you should not try to drag existing debates off-topic, so make sure that your contribution adds to existing debates, not confuses or dilutes them.

For example, if you want to discuss your experiences with purine diet, do not join a debate about iron and gout, or weight loss and gout. These are separate topics, hence they have separate pages here.

Good debates require at least 200 words to make it clear what the debate is about, and you should include appropriate references if you are discussing something you have read or seen elsewhere. You also need to be clear about the bounds of your discussion. Topics where the meaning is not clear, or the scope is too wide, will not work. For example Purine Diet fails on both counts – it is too broad, and the meaning is not clear.

A better choice would be “How I Planned My Low Purine Diet” or “Why I think Low Purine Diets Are A Waste Of Time” Whatever topic you choose, you should start your article with your Topic Title.

To get started, please search for existing debates, prepare your own article, then submit it to GoutPal’s gout forum.

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