Low Purine Monkfish with Gout-Friendly Ratatouille

This Low Purine Monkfish with photograph is by Tom Goldsmith from the Pan Seared Monkfish Over Ratatouille page at Discovery Cooking.

I chose it as an example of the right way to include fish in a diet for gout sufferers.

First, chose recipes that are compatible with government standards for healthy nutrition. So that means a sensible fish portion that is matched with at least three times as much veg. Portion size will be dictated by your government standard calorie requirement. So ask your doctor what your daily calorie intake should be.

Once you have established your healthy eating patterns, you might improve them for even better uric acid control. Then, you can use GoutPal food lists to improve recipes with more gout-friendly ingredients.

Leave Low Purine Monkfish with Gout-Friendly Ratatouille to read Fish You Can Eat With Gout.

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