You know from my Introduction to GoutPal Learning why the learning process is vital to effective gout recovery. So if you want to use GoutPal to help you manage that recovery then you need to accept two requirements before you start.

GoutPal Learning Prerequisites Purpose

The purpose of this page is to explain what you need to consider before using GoutPal Learning services. Because all my support services work better where you have a Personal Gout Profile and your choice of Gout Recovery Helper. So whenever you use GoutPal to help you manage your gout project(s) you need to be prepared.

In keeping with the Purpose of, GoutPal can help you work with professional health advisers. So this page helps you prepare your personal information in ways that support your doctor-patient partnership.

Your Personal Gout Profile

The best place to start is with yourself. Because you know what you want to achieve. So start with that. Preferably write it down now, as the start of your project to recover from gout.

Forget for a moment what you think you know about gout in general. Think about what it means to you. Especially, what you want to achieve now. Recognize that your goals will change as you move towards gout recovery. But forget about the future and the past, and write down your goals for today.

My GoutPal Care services can help you organize your goals, concerns, and progress. So be sure to sign up for GoutPal Learners announcements. But for now, just use whatever you most feel comfortable with for note-taking.

Also, it’s a good time to list all your concerns about gout. These can be positive or negative concerns. Also, they can be questions or statements. The objective is to get a list of questions you need answers to. With ideas that you need confirmation of.

Finally, list some facts about you and your symptoms. Relevant facts about you include height, weight, gender, and age. Include your attitude to drugs, herbs, and diet. Try to include every fact about yourself that you think might be relevant to gout. Then add a history of your gout symptoms, any test results, and any current treatments.

If you don’t have time to write down all those things now, just focus on the first one. Because you must have clear, personal goals. Then you’re ready to learn how GoutPal identifies with you.

Your Recovery Helper

Very few people can recover from gout by themselves. Because the most effective way is to consult your doctor and work together to create a personal gout recovery plan. There are several professional guidelines supported by clinical studies to prove this. But at this stage, please accept it, and we’ll study the proof later.

In reality, many gout sufferers rely on self-help. At least until they gain the confidence to know who to consult, and what to ask. But I will always recommend that you consult your doctor before you do anything towards managing your gout.

Currently, the medical profession is experimenting with mentoring schemes. Because they boost patience confidence and improve recovery rates by adding third parties to the doctor-patient relationship. For gout sufferers who do not have access to such schemes, GoutPal has always offered a public mentoring service in the GoutPal Forum. However, it has proved to be a poor environment for structured mentoring programs. So I’m launching a private mentoring service to complement the forum.

Now, you need to decide which type of recovery helper works for you:

  • Doctor or other health professional.
  • Self-help.
  • Public forum-based mentor.
  • Private app-based mentor.

Note that it’s often wise to mix your mentors. Also, change the mix as you progress from misery to recovery. The main thing to remember is that when you learn new gout management skills with GoutPal, I will always advise you what to do next for reinforcement, clarity, and progress. But that advice is often different depending on your Gout Recovery Helper. So you can choose whichever mentor suits you best at the time.

GoutPal Learning Prerequisites Summary

To use GoutPal effectively you need to start your own gout management project. So to get the best help from GoutPal, be sure to include:

  1. Your personal gout profile including the purpose of your project.
  2. Your choice of Gout Recovery Helper.

Note that I describe these as prerequisites for my help. But I only require you to accept that these are important. Because part of my service is to help you develop your gout management projects. So as long as you accept that you need a profile, a helper, and a purpose for each project then GoutPal can help you get your gout project(s) started.

Your GoutPal Learning Plans

Most people read these prerequisites as part of their introduction to using GoutPal. So you should probably continue reading How to use GoutPal (coming soon). If not, you can browse other GoutPal Care Services to learn more ways GoutPal can help you.

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