Why learning about gout is important

Gout management should be based on a doctor-patient partnership. Where you consult your doctor about your symptoms and treatment options. Then your doctor diagnoses gout and consults you on your recovery goals and treatment preferences.

If that’s working for you, why are you here?

I guess something is not working for you. Perhaps you’ve had some of my experiences with different doctors:

  • My doctor doesn’t diagnose gout because it’s my swollen ankle that’s crippling me not my big toe.
  • My doctor prescribes 300mg allopurinol starting treatment with no discussion of pain control.
  • My doctor won’t increase my allopurinol dose because my uric acid is within the normal range (normal is an average that includes gout sufferers).

I’ve noticed since professional guidelines for gout management were introduced around 7 years ago treatment standards have improved. But do you believe your doctor-patient relationship is a true partnership?

If not, I can tell you that learning is the answer. So you learn enough about gout to discuss things properly with your doctor. Then your doctor should learn about you. Because gout treatment has to be tailored to the individual. But that’s unlikely to happen unless you learn how to teach your doctor what you need.

So learning is fundamental to the way GoutPal supports you. Elsewhere, you’ll see lot’s of different service levels for free and paid gout support. But they all rely on learning. So you are going to have to spend some time on your own learning project.

I will help you with it. Starting with some basic requirements that I explain in my next page.

GoutPal Learning Summary

Now you know why you need to start at least one gout learning project. Because it will help you:

  1. Learn the best way to consult your professional gout advisers.
  2. Learn how to teach your advisers what they need to know about you.

Learning About Your Gout image
Who will be your Gout Mentor?

Continue to read GoutPal Learning Prerequisites (coming soon). Or browse more information about Gout Care.

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