Introducing GoutPal Care

GoutPal Care is a new service launching on 24th September 2019. So this is a holding page that will describe all your new private gout care services. Also, I will describe free public gout care support services that I supply via the gout forum.

I will announce changes first in my new GoutPal Learners list. Which you can join now to learn about my new services first.

Gout Care Purpose

The purpose of this page is to explain why your doctor should be your first point of call for personal gout care. Then I describe alternatives and additional personal support services. Because all gout sufferers need a personalized care package to help them recover as fast as they want.

This supports the purpose of GoutPal. Because it helps you discuss your options with your doctor or other health advisers.

GoutPal Care Services

I will add details of GoutPal Care Services here during the Pre-Launch period.

Who will be your Gout Mentor?
Who will provide your Gout Care Package?

Your Gout Care Package

You can ask about my plans for GoutPal Care Services in the Gout Forum now.

But if you want a private consultation about your personal gout care package, you need to join my Pre-Launch list. Because people on that list will get early access to my pre-sales support channel.

Leave Gout Care to subscribe to the free Pre-Launch Information List.

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