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    Thanks for both responses, appreciated. This has been a slow learning process and I should definitely clarify a few things.

    After my original diagnosis I was prescribed 300mg allopurinol, it was so effective and followed by over a year of zero gout, it kinda felt like a non issue in my life. When it started to creep back, i would jump into action and drink a couple bottles of tart cherry juice and tons of water and it would taper off within a few days, so it was pretty manageable. I never brought this back to a doctor until January 2020 after the post race gout flare was stubbornly sticking around. By then I had changed insurance and saw an urgent care Doctor a few times before getting the doctor I have seen once as of now. The urgent care doctor did my last xrays, in part because he thought it was a tear and not gout. After seeing my New doctor for the first time she said it’s absolutely gout and gave me prednisone which helped briefly at the time. I’ve only seen her once as of now.

    In addition to the doctors I’ve also participated in a topical gout cream study for 3 months right before Covid started, mostly because they did my bloodwork twice a month and I was really curious (this lead to me getting a UAsure device for home use). The study results were so-so only, and the nurse that did my bloodwork was not a specialist and only once got UA over 7, she was almost excited when she finally got a high one, she always told me that all her other patients were serious and she saw 10s regularly. Judging from that I feel like the UAsure device is in the right neighborhood, as I’m very clean and careful with my testing. Most of my readings come out 4-6 for the last month. When I get a reading above or below I go for another test and it lands 4-6 again.

    I haven’t really been to any specialists with all this info, which I understand is a problem. Having worked out through many nagging issues in the past not related to gout, there’s really always something so you push through and it always feels better for a bit after a workout.

    What Kieth said about recovery was interesting, 6 months no flares. I have not had a “typical“ gout flare in well over 6 months, nothing in the foot or ankles just the nagging knees. Interesting note that when I do drink Alcohol and eat junky, which is not often, the knee pain sometimes can get much worse, very swollen and pain spreads down my back calf, but then goes back to normal pain after a day of clean eating. So I know it’s clearly affected by going off my diet.

    I am making an appointment to see my doctor this week, should I ask to just see a specialist? Would that be a rheumatologist? What else can I ask for to get real information? How would I get a test for UA crystals In my knees?

    Thanks again

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