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    Irma Reitz

    Hi Keith, I’ve started on the herbal regimen the doc recommended. He did not say anything about diet or alcohol consumption. I usually have a couple of whiskies in the evening!! I have noticed that if I eat too much red meat I feel more sore, so try to stick to fish or chicken. I love my morning cafe latte and would be really sad to have to forego those. Will you give me some diet guidelines to follow. I have been having physio for my back/hip pain, which is much improved although not totally better yet.

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    Irma Reitz

    Hi Keith. I’m now back home after a hectic 2 week road trip. I think sitting in the car for 6 plus hours per day really was not good for my back. I was unable to put any weight on my right leg and hobbled about really uncomfortably. I saw a chiropractor on the way home who manipulated my back but I really did not get much relief from that. I asked him to prescribe anti inflammatories, because as you said I had been mixing up several different Meds which was not a great idea. Anyway he prescribed 50 mg of Cataflam. I took one but got a pain in my stomach so I have not taken another and have gone back to using the Vimovo 500 twice daily and the paracetamol with codeine when necessary. I am still using 1 cholchine 1 mg tablet daily.
    I had an appointment with Doctor, a holistic health care practitioner, who agreed that it was gout and suggested I try to reduce the Uric acid with natural products (I would gave preferred to try the allopurinol but thought I would try what he recommended first). He said to continue with cholicine, NSAIDs and painkillers because my feet are riddled with arthritis and are full of nodules and Spurs which he says is an ideal place for the Uric acid crystal to form. He has prescribed the following:-

    For Sulfation

    Lifetones – 2.5 ml twice daily (a herbal tincture containing celery, birch, nettle, alfalfa,willow and boswella serrate.

    Gout Atomiser – 6 sprays into mouth twice daily (herbal tincture containing alfalfa, cramp bark, cayenne, celery,Devils claw, burdock root, Siberian ginseng) it says on insert that it reduces swelling, eases inflammation, neutralises Uric acid and improves circulation. (We’ll see)!

    Pro collagen – 2 capsules at bedtime.

    Epsom salts 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon twice daily

    MSM ( didn’t specify amount so am taking 2 X 1000 mg pure MSM capsules)

    He wants to retest Uric acid, also vitamin D3 and homocysteine levels in two weeks time.

    I have also had physio for my back and hip and it has been feeling much better.

    I’m sorry to go on and on with my list of complaints etc, but I thought it might be a good idea to keep a record for my gout diary.

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    Irma Reitz

    Hi Keith.
    First things first. I am applying for a Personal Gout Diary, as you suggested previously.
    I quite agree with you regarding taking different NSAIDs willynilly is really not a good idea. I have been stuck in the middle of the bush with no access to doctors or pharmacist and have just taken whatever I could get my hands on, although nothing seems to help. I am seeing a chiropractor first thing tomorrow morning now that I am in the city and will ask him to prescribe a pain management schedule and also to advise me on what might be the cause of the problem. I’m just trying to get some relief. I have still not had a definitive diagnosis of gout, but hoping that when I see the rheumatologist in a weeks time, he will be able to give me some answers.

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    Irma Reitz

    Oh by the way Keith. The Banting diet is similar to The Atkins Diet.

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    Irma Reitz

    Thanks for your input Johan and your clarification Keith. I’m on holiday in the Kruger Game Park at present with limited internet coverage so a quick reply. I’m just trying to get through the holiday and to cope with the pain so am living on paracetamol with codeine, colchine and NSAIDs for the next 10 days. Long stretches sitting in the car plus safaris vehicles over rough roads have taken their toll on my back and I can hardly put any weight on my right hip😢. It is really spoiling what should be a wonderful experience getting back to nature and seeing all the wild animals and birds. My appointment with the rheumalogist should hopefully provide some answers.

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    Irma Reitz

    Oh no! Pain back with a vengeance. Started taking the colchicine again yesterday 1 milligram daily, plus a new anti-inflammatory ‘Vimovo’ – ingredients 500mg naproxen 20mg esomeprazole, twice daily. Apparently this med has built in stomach protection. These were prescribed for my husband when he had a knee replacement and so I just had a repeat script filled for myself, after discussing this with the pharmacist. I had been taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory but it’s not strong enough. I know! I know! I shouldn’t do this but I’m not coping with the pain. I also take paracetamol with codeine as needed. I just can’t understand why the pain is so out of control as the moment. My feet have always been painful but now the pain on right foot, the top inside is unbearable. I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks and seeing rheumatologist when I get back. I can’t wait to start get a diagnosis and to start treatment to reduce the Uric acid.

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    Irma Reitz

    Fructose – good or bad for gout?

    I am trying to plan a healthy diet for my gout. There is loads of info on the site and I’m sifting through it. Just a quick question regarding fructose. I was advised by the health store “expert” to avoid all sugars including fructose. I’m trying to cut down on protein and wanted to have fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Would that be ok? Or even just a banana and s glass of milk when I’m on the run? I’ve spent years eating an Atkins/Banting type diet (high protein, low carb)to try to control my weight, which is probably why I’ve developed gout.

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    Irma Reitz

    Hey Carolyn. Thanks for that. Somehow it helps knowing someone understands. I love reading your posts – so amusing – makes me giggle. Pain is just normal today not like the past 3 days so it is manageable. I’m never sure whether to take the colchine (just in case) or just to stick to my regular anti inflammatories and painkillers and only take the colchicine when I’m going through the roof. Going to omit it and see how it goes.
    I can’t wait to start on a programme to remove the Uric acid crystals, so waiting impatiently to see the rheumatologist and work with him. Have a great day.

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    Irma Reitz

    Wow Keith! You are so right – I should not be taking alkalising supplements, but I am feeling desperate as I am in pain and I thought that it might help. Your article on alkaline diet is really interesting. There is so much info that I am struggling to absorb it all and can’t remember what have just read, so I keep re-reading. Maybe some will stick! I am trying to plan a diet to help my gout and arthritis. I need to loose weight which I know will help, but at this stage all I’m trying to do is get my pain under control. I think that I normally have a healthy diet, although I do go off the rails now and again. I can’t get to see the rheumatologist for 3 weeks, which seems like such a long way off. Today was particularly bad, as I had a bad night and am very tearful and depressed. I am encouraged when I browse this site, because it gives me hope. Thank you again.

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    Irma Reitz

    uh oh! Big error! I tried to upload a copy of my blood tests in the wrong place. Sorry! I created a support ticket and have given you extra work. Silly me. My apologies

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    Irma Reitz

    Hello Keith.

    Thank you so much for all you do for us. I have read your very informative article on ‘Gouty Arthritis Sufferer on Not’. I am in the second category ‘I Think I have gout but my doc does not agree’. I am encouraged by your article because even if it turns out that I do not have gout, there is still a whole lot of help there to manage pain.

    I collected my blood tests results and am not too sure on how to read them. I have used your Uric acid calculator and I think my level is 6.5.

    My serum analysis is as follows:- please will you help me to discipher the numbers.
    S-urate 0.38 H 0.15-0.36mmol/L

    I forgot to mention that I have Vogel Multiforce alkaline powder first thing every morning in an attempt to become less acidic as I thought it was acidity that was causing the pain and also have a teaspoon of ginger powder in hot water as my early morning drink. Ugh! I’ll try most things to try to alleviate or control my discomfort.

    Re weights – I thought I would try out for Tokyo Olympics!…

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    Irma Reitz

    I have been reading your advise and recommendations of finding a rheumatologist and am trying to find one in my area. I live in a small town in the Western Cape, South Africa and have managed to locate one in a larger town 110 kilometers away. So I intend to collect my X-rays and blood tests to show the rheumatologist once I can get to see him. Is there anything specific I should ask when I see him? I am quite excited as it may be an end to this constant pain in my feet and ankles. I have started at the gym – Stationary bike and weights 3x weekly.
    I will give you the Uric acid numbers when I get the tests back.
    I take the following supplements and medication:-
    Meds :-
    Premarin o.625mg (conjugated oestrogen) 1 X daily evenings
    Coxflam 7.5mg (meloxicam) 2 X daily – morning and evening
    Piascledin?? 1 tablet daily mornings (soya & avocado extract for relief of osteoarthritis)
    Paracetamol 500 with codeine. 1 tablet nightly (sometimes another during the night if in pain.

    Supplements :-
    Omega 3 – 500mg daily mornings
    Turmeric Curcumin – 1000mg daily mornings
    D3 – 400iu daily morning
    Probiotic – 1 daily mornings
    Vitamin C – 500mg daily mornings
    Co-Enzyme Q10 – 50 mg 1 daily mornings
    Supercal bone food – calcium/magnesium/zinc/manganese/boron/vit d3 1 daily evenings
    Chelates Zinc – 22mg 1 daily evenings

    I have on occasion used colchicine for a few days, which has helped when I’ve been really sore.

    Thank you once again for your help. I am so grateful to have found your site. Keeping fingers crossed.


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