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Gout Facts: Irma Reitz

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      Irma Reitz

      Gout Status
      Uric Acid Level: As much detail as possible, including: Number, unit of measure, date last tested, doctor’s remarks. โ“ Waiting for retest October 2016?
      Current Gout Group: Arthritis Sufferers Group.
      Target Gout Group: โ“ Waiting for uric acid test results?

      Personal Facts
      Birth Year: 1940s
      Gender: Female.
      Location: South Africa

      Symptoms & Current Treatment
      Gout Symptoms: Since 2011, my feet have been really painful. This has stopped me doing most activities. Around end August 2016 I woke up with a really painful lower back.
      How I treat symptoms: Lifetones โ€“ 2.5 ml twice daily (a herbal tincture containing celery, birch, nettle, alfalfa,willow and boswella serrate.

      Gout Atomiser โ€“ 6 sprays into mouth twice daily (herbal tincture containing alfalfa, cramp bark, cayenne, celery, Devils claw, burdock root, Siberian ginseng) it says on insert that it reduces swelling, eases inflammation, neutralises Uric acid and improves circulation. (Weโ€™ll see)!

      Pro collagen โ€“ 2 capsules at bedtime.

      Epsom salts 1/4 โ€“ 1/2 teaspoon twice daily

      MSM ( didnโ€™t specify amount so am taking 2 X 1000 mg pure MSM capsules)

      Uric acid treatment preferences: Pharmaceutical Medicine / Herbal Medicine / Diet & Lifestyle / Do Nothing. โ“
      All other medicines: All other medicines that you take. โ“

      Other personal gout facts: Any other important gout facts about yourself? Other GoutPal members will use this info to give you personal help. โ“
      Gout Questions: I have noticed that if I eat too much red meat I feel more sore, so try to stick to fish or chicken. I love my morning cafe latte and would be really sad to have to forego those. Will you give me some diet guidelines to follow? โ“ Any More?

      Gout Diary photo

      A Gout Diary is the best way to organize your personal gout facts.

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