Gout Natural Remedies

Today, I began my quest for gout natural remedies, to bring the Gout Home Remedy Research pages up-to-date, as part of the Gout Treatment section makeover.

It surprises me how many natural products contain substances that can lower uric acid. However, I must emphasize that these are all very experimental, and are often only at the animal testing stage (or not even that).

I have to admit, I nearly fell at the first hurdle when I read

N-substituted cyclic imides of phthalimide, 2,3-dihydrohalazine-1,4-dione, and diphenimide were shown to reduce the serum uric acid levels in normal and hyperuric mice at 20 mg/kg/day I.P. for 14 days.

I have no idea what substituted cyclic imides are or where I can find them, and the abstract[1] I read gave no answers. However, it did give me some pointers to investigations of products I do understand – flavonoids, cassia oil, and orange juice. Continue reading Gout Natural Remedies