Losing Weight With Gout Foods To Avoid

During my review and reorganization of the Gout Diet section, I noticed how my old Diet For Gout page was about the benefits of losing weight for gout sufferers. Control of excess calories is important for some gout patients, though probably not as many as is generally believed. There was a lot of useful information on that page, so I reproduce it below.

The latest gout foods to avoid pages, now cover specific aspects of excess calories and gout, including tips for losing weight that do not trigger more acute gout flares.

I will expand the relevant pages in the Gout Diet section to make it clear that a diet for gout must consider different types of foods to avoid (or at least to limit). As excess calories lead directly to extra uric acid from the purines in our own flesh, it pays to consider calorie control. As with all forms of gout treatment and diet changes, your plan must start with gathering information about yourself. This article introduces some tools to help you assess if weight loss needs to be part of your personal gout management plan.

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Is Gout Massage A Bad Treatment Of Gout?

One of the most popular gout topics is massage and gout.

It started with a forum member asking:

A couple times I have massaged the toe joint and it felt like perhaps I was able to break up the crystals a bit. Not sure if that can really happen or if I imagined it. So, my questions are: 1) can you really break down the crystals by manually massaging the joint? 2) if so, should you? Would that help break it down and assist in the process? Or, is it doing more harm than good?

Inevitably, as forum discussions tend to do, there is talk of supporting the gout massage with hot baths, which in turn leads to a discussion of what to put in the bathwater. But this misses the fundamental question: is massage good gout relief, or will massaging gout cause more problems?
Click to discover the dangers of misunderstanding gout and massage

Relief From Stubborn Gout Pain

In my gout pain relief pages, I explain the best approach to gout pain.

The main difficulty with stubborn gout pain is, it rarely responds to a simple treatment. Usually, you need a combination of more than one pain-relieving drug. Often these combinations need to include general painkillers that are not specifically for gout.

Recently, I was asked about combining indomethacin with colchicine for relieving stubborn gout pain.

There are thousands of different combinations that work.

The secret is finding the right combination that suits you.

Colchicine For Stubborn Gout Pain Relief

Gout pain, as I explain in the Uric Acid guidelines, is a result of the immune reaction to invading uric acid crystals. When the immune system becomes overwhelmed, it calls in reinforcements, and this process is at the heart of the agony we experience during an acute gout flare.

Colchicine, sold as Colcrys in America, is very effective when it is taken early enough. That is why doctors advise you to take it at the first sign of a gout flare. The main purpose of colchicine is to prevent, or limit, gout flares when you take uric acid lowering gout medications.

Colchicine works to prevent gout pain, or prevent it getting worse, by slowing your immune system. White blood cells are restricted from growing, and this limits the inflammation that is part of that process.
See why you may need more than colchicine for stubborn gout pain

How Long does Gout last in Big Toe?

How Long does Gout last in Big Toe looks at gout duration in the big toe. Also, I compare this with gout duration in other parts of the body. But, more importantly, what can we do to reduce gout duration?

Gout in Big Toe Audience

I wrote How Long does Gout last in Big Toe for gout sufferers who want to understand gout pain in different joints. In particular, you will be interested in ways to reduce the length of gout attacks. But, in this article, I am not looking at gout medications that reduce pain. So, if you are looking for gout pain medications, please search using the gout search box near the top of each page.

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How Do Urate Crystals Stop Gout Forever?

Urate crystals are the cause of gout. So how can we expect them to stop gout?
New science just confirmed an old idea. Because we need a new view of gout, to stop it forever.

Urate Crystals Stop Gout Audience

I wrote How Do Urate Crystals Stop Gout Forever for all gout sufferers who are confused about what gout is. Because gout has a poor reputation for understanding, and for control.

So, if you are happily progressing towards Gout Freedom with a safe recovery plan, you do not need to read this. Instead, you should focus on stopping your own gout forever. But if you feel lost or unwary about how you can stop your gout, now’s the time for a fresh look. Because a new study by leading rheumatologists has finally realized a fundamental truth about gout. That is: to stop gout forever, we need a new look at urate crystals.

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Are Almonds Good For Gout Foodies?

Are Almonds Good For Gout looks at how almonds can lower uric acid. But, if you do not eat almonds right they can be bad for gout.

Are Almonds Good For Gout Audience

I wrote Are Almonds Good For Gout for Gout Foodies. That is gout sufferers who want to eat the right foods for their gout. But Gout Foodies don’t have a good gout foundation diet. Because to eat almonds the right way, you need a healthy start. Then you can adjust your eating plan with almonds to lower uric acid.

If you do not know which type of gout sufferer you are, start at Questions for Gout Sufferers. But, GoutPal helps all gout sufferers. So if you want personal help without worrying about your Gout Sufferer Type, read on.

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Why Gout Patients Need GoutPal#1 – Doctor Dispute

Gout Doctor Dispute is my first in an occasional series explaining why gout patients need GoutPal. So, in this article, I explain how rheumatologists and physicians disagree about gout treatment. Then I explain how GoutPal can guide you through this dispute towards full Gout Recovery.

Gout Doctor Dispute Audience

I wrote Gout Doctor Dispute for gout patients who want to improve the relationship with their doctor. Because I know from my forum that many gout patients disagree with, or misunderstand, their doctor’s advice about gout. So, my initial review of new professional guidance should create a better platform for doctors and gout patients to work together.

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