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My Gout Dieter image illustrates <a href="/9601/goutpal-plan-for-gout-dieters/">GoutPal Plan for Gout Dieters</a>. To learn who Gout Dieters are, see <a href="/9858/questions-for-gout-sufferers/">Questions for Gout Sufferers</a>. Note that I identify these types to help you find the right advice for your gout. So, for this type of gout sufferer:
<blockquote cite="/9601/goutpal-plan-for-gout-dieters/">Gout Dieters are gout sufferers who have healthy eating habits. Or, they are committed to changing to healthy eating within 3 months.
Gout Dieters want to improve their healthy lifestyle to create their personal gout diet. That includes making lifestyle choices that will lower uric acid to safe levels.</blockquote>

<h2>GoutPal Gout Dieter image details</h2>
Though the foundation is just a stock photo, I chose it carefully to represent GoutPal's Gout Dieters. First, the picture shows a senior couple enjoying a healthy-looking meal. That's what we want for all gout sufferers. You should not worry about lists of food that you should avoid. You should be clear about healthy food choices that support your uric acid lowering plan.

So, I added the caption: "Healthy Food. Healthy Gout."

As a Gout Dieter, you know that healthy eating habits are the foundation for lowering uric acid with lifestyle therapies. So, you start with healthy food. Then, you tweak it to lower your uric acid to safe levels.

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