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Gouty Arthritis Sufferer Or Not?

Gouty Arthritis Sufferer Or Not, is part of Questions for Gout Sufferers series. It is aimed at Arthritis Sufferers who are unsure if they have gout. It explains how GoutPal helps Arthritis Sufferers. You will learn how to start getting help from GoutPal.

Who are Arthritis Sufferers?

Let me explain who is included in GoutPal’s Arthritis Sufferers Group.

But first, a few words about Gouty Arthritis. Gouty Arthritis is a medical name for Gout. They both mean the same thing. Gout is a type of arthritis caused by uric acid crystals. Those crystals start to form many months, or years, before you feel any symptoms.

Arthritis simply means painful or swollen joints. There are lots of diseases that cause problems in joints. Arthritis is one, or more, symptoms in any joint. Symptoms include stiffness, swelling, redness, and varying degrees of pain. Gout goes further. Left untreated, uric acid crystals will spread throughout the body causing damage to skin, kidneys, heart, etc. In fact, gout can damage all organs, except the brain.

Do you have gout-like symptoms, but no agreed gout diagnosis?

You are not certain you have gout. So, if we are not certain you are a gout sufferer, how can I help you? Every case is unique. But, before I explain how I might help you, let’s see if you really belong in this group.

Types of GoutPal Arthritis Sufferers

Remember, I am explaining GoutPal Gout Groups. My Groups tell you which of my pages are most relevant to you. I use the term, GoutPal Arthritis Sufferer, to help you use my websites better. Other people will have different definitions for Arthritis Sufferer. Here, it defines people who are one of the following three types:

  1. You have a doctor’s diagnosis of gout, but you doubt it is true.
  2. You think you have gout, but your doctor doesn’t agree.
  3. You think you have gout, but you will not consult a doctor.

Which one of those types are you? If you do not fit any GoutPal Arthritis Sufferer Type, please return to Questions for Gout Sufferers, and choose a different Gout Sufferer Type.

How does GoutPal help Arthritis Sufferers?

Because we are not certain you have gout, it is hard for me to recommend a treatment plan. But, there are many ways I can help you. You need to tell me what you want me to help you with.

I specialize in helping you discuss your health problems with your doctor. I provide these guidelines to give you general advice. If you want personal help, you can ask in the gout forum, at any time. My websites help you in many ways. You can choose any, or all, of these five GoutPal Help Methods:

  • Reading. You can browse GoutPal Guidelines about arthritis and gout. Just follow relevant links, especially links labeled, For Arthritis Sufferers. Other relevant links include Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes, and Uric Acid. Avoid links labeled Food, Diet, Treatment, Remedy, Cure, or similar. Soon, you know what to ask your doctor. You know the questions to ask, to get a clear diagnosis of your symptoms.
  • Researching. You can search for more information about things that your doctor tells you. There is a Search Box at the top of every page.
  • Learning. You can start an Arthritis Sufferer Management Plan. This is a personal structured plan to find a way to manage your arthritis symptoms. It includes helping you get an agreed diagnosis of gout, or whatever your disease really is.
  • Trying. You can try a Uric Acid Control Plan. Trying that plan tells you, if controlling uric acid will resolve your symptoms.
  • Doing. You can adapt a Gout Pain Control Plan to block your symptoms. Controlling pain makes life easier while you try to get a true diagnosis.
Gouty Arthritis Or Not photo
Is your arthritis gouty?

Are You A Gouty Arthritis Sufferer Or Not?

You have learned that you are a GoutPal Arthritis Sufferer. There are 2 key points that you should understand:

  1. Which of the 3 Types of Arthritis Sufferer are you? If you cannot choose 1, ask for help in the gout forum.
  2. How many of my 5 Arthritis Sufferer Help Methods do you want to use? If you do not understand how my methods can help you, ask for help in the gout forum.

Believe it or not, that makes 360 different ways you can move forward from here. That’s why I emphasize personal management plans. You are only two simple questions away from starting recovery. Please don’t ignore your symptoms. At this stage, we do not know if you have gout or not.

If you do have gout, it will not go away by itself. Pain will keep returning. Pain will become more severe. Pain will become more frequent. And, pain will spread to more parts of your body.

If you do not have gout, you will not have wasted any time by moving to the next step. I will help you work with your doctor to get your best diagnosis. Then, you can get a treatment plan from the best place for you. Together, we will find the best place for your particular problem.

My personal help is only available in my gout forums. If you do not feel comfortable discussing your health in public, I can still help. Browse my guidelines, and search for answers to specific questions. You should keep notes as you go. Use a computer, pen and paper, voice recorder, or whatever suits you best. Start with your answers to the Key Questions above. I’m slowly adding Key Questions to all my pages. You can use my guidelines to create your own Private Arthritis Sufferer Plan. Then, you can discuss your plan with your doctor.

I am indexing all my pages that are relevant to Arthritis Sufferers. Bookmark the Index For Arthritis Sufferers. You can browse it whenever you wish. Please let me know if I have missed other useful pages from that index.

I hope you want me to help you with a Personal Arthritis Sufferer Plan. If you do, please go to the Arthritis Sufferers forum now. Post a new topic that tells me your answers to those two questions. What type of Arthritis Sufferer are you? And how do you want me to help you? Please be sure to:

  • Describe your symptoms in detail.
  • Explain what you’ve already tried.
  • Say what you hope to achieve.

It’s a good idea to read How to get a Personal Arthritis Sufferer Plan (coming soon). But don’t let anything stop you from starting a new Arthritis Sufferer Forum topic.

“Where is relief?” shout Arthritis Sufferer voices.
2 Questions: “Your Type?” and “Your Help Method choices?”

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TL;DR - Gouty Arthritis Sufferer Or Not?

This page only applies to GoutPal's Arthritis Sufferer Group.

  1. Write your Arthritis Sufferer Type in your personal notes. Or, tell your mentor you cannot decide.
  2. Write your Arthritis Sufferer Help Methods in your personal notes. Or, ask your mentor to help you choose.
  3. Start your Personal Arthritis Sufferer Plan, today.
I provide free help - just ask in GoutPal's Arthritis Sufferer Forum.
"Where is relief?" shout Arthritis Sufferer voices.
2 Questions: "Your Type?" and "Your Help Method choices?"

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