In 28 Ways To Control Gout I explain key aspects of every good gout treatment plan.

Last week, I completed my first gout treatment template. It is a general template for most gout treatment needs.

I will customize that general template for individual gout patients. That way, every gout patient can have a personal gout treatment plan. It’s the only way to be certain that you are controlling gout safely and effectively.

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28 Ways To Control Gout.

You can use the templates to help manage your gout treatment with your doctor or other health adviser. You can also use them in the gout forum.

I will use discussions from my gout forum to create the extra templates. I will identify common groups of gout patients. You will find it easy to select a template that is nearest your needs. That makes gout control even easier to manage. In the meantime, we can work on what is most important to you. We can find the right ways to start your personal gout treatment plan.

My list of 28 ways to control gout came from the key points in my general gout treatment template. They represent most of what you need to know about controlling gout. In my templates, I present 7 steps, so that you only have to consider a few key points at a time. It’s best to think about important aspects of gout, one at a time. Sometimes you cannot decide which aspect of gout is most important. If that’s the case, choose two or three as a starting point.

28 Ways To Control Gout

Here is a summary of all the key points from my first gout treatment template series. As well as the 7 steps, they include the introduction to Personal Gout Treatment Guidelines 2016:

  1. There are hundreds of gout treatments. Choose what’s right for you.
  2. Your gout treatment must change, as you and your circumstances change.
  3. You are unique. Never accept gout treatment just because it works for other gout sufferers.
  4. Decide if you want to stop gout pain now, prevent more gout attacks, or both.
  5. Understand your reasons for that choice.
  6. Get personal gout treatment from your doctor.
  7. This is a reality check. If you are certain you’ve already made the right choices, then skip to Medical or Natural Gout Treatment.
  8. Do you have gout treatment resources that match your medical history and test results?
  9. Is it feasible to drop gout treatment in favor of removing your causes of gout?
  10. Decide if you want medical, natural gout treatment, or a mixture. If you have no preference, make this clear.
  11. Make sure you will be able to measure results.
  12. Include your reasons for the choices you make.
  13. Do you want gout pain control as required, or as a preventative?
  14. Make sure you get advice about strength of pain control required.
  15. Make sure you get the right combination to block inflammation spreading, reduce inflammation, and block residual pain.
  16. Know the 4 phases of uric acid control.
  17. Get baseline results for uric acid, kidney function, and liver function.
  18. Agree target uric acid levels for each uric acid control phase
  19. Make gout medication dosage changes based on test results.
  20. The planning is over, and now your gout treatment starts. If you started gout treatment without a plan, go back to the beginning and create a retrospective plan.
  21. Monitor your gout symptoms daily. Record test results as they happen.
  22. Adjust treatment according to test results, and as advised by your health care team.
  23. Now, you reap the rewards of your gout treatment plan. Have you achieved your goals?
  24. Can you successfully control gout attacks in 2 hours?
  25. Has uric acid been safe for 6 months?
  26. Do not relax until you’ve gone six months with safe uric acid and no gout flares.
  27. Get blood tests for uric acid, liver function, and kidney function, at least once a year for life.
  28. Make adjustments to your medicine for gout slowly.
28 Ways To Control Gout: Where Do I Start?
Gout Treatment Maze: Where Do I Start?

Your Ways To Control Gout

It can be an overwhelming list. Especially, if you are trying to control gout by yourself. In fact, most of my 28 ways to control gout need the right selection from many choices. Every gout control plan is different. Every gout treatment plan has it’s own unique mix of personal selections from hundreds of choices. So, how do you find the best ways to control your gout?

It is best to take small steps, and have a personal plan. If you have a gout treatment plan from your doctor, that is a great starting point. Even if it doesn’t cover everything you need, we can improve it. The strength of my templates for gout treatment, is flexibility. You can start wherever it suits you.

You start controlling gout by being committed to get your own personal gout treatment plan. Whatever your situation now, start your plan today.

Look again at my list of 28 ways to control gout. Which one means most to you? Perhaps there are more than one of my points that means a lot to you. Choose up to 3.

See your doctor about those aspects of gout that mean most to you. Or, ask in the gout forum. Find your ways to control your gout.

Leave 28 Ways To Control Gout to browse my Gout Treatment Guidelines.

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TL;DR - 28 Ways To Control Gout

28 Ways To Control Gout Summary
  1. My 28 ways to control gout are just a starting point. How will you choose from hundreds of options?
  2. You need support from professionals. How can GoutPal help you get the right support for you?
  3. Never be overwhelmed. Get a personal treatment plan to guide you to the right choices.

If you need help improving your personal gout treatment plan, ask in GoutPal's Gout Forum.