My gout forums are an inspiration to me, and today I’m inspired to ask: Are you driving blind with gout?

This started when we discussed fear of allopurinol, and a need to avoid bad gout foods. Discussions about gout are always personal. That’s why they are so important. Fear of allopurinol is a personal issue. You can choose to try and overcome that fear, or you can choose to seek an alternative. But, if you choose to ignore it, you are driving blind with gout.

If you acknowledge that fear as a dislike of all medicines, you have to consider better gout diet. But, gout diet is just a form of gout treatment, so all the factors that make gout treatment work also apply to food, drink, and exercise. It’s pointless opening your eyes long enough to consider gout diet, then closing them when you need to plan your lifestyle changes. If you do not plan your diet properly, you are still driving blind with gout.

Choosing diet as your main way of controlling gout is not an easy option. You have to consider most of the gout treatment guidelines. However, instead of simply choosing the right dose of a small number of medicines, you have to balance your intake of hundreds of different foods with your activity levels. You also have to consider favorites and intolerance. Intolerance might be due to allergies, or simply that you do not like certain foods. It is pointless me telling you to drink more coffee, just because it is good for gout. If you hate coffee, it’s not much good for Your Gout.

Your Gout Directions

So, your likes and dislikes are important. You need to choose lifestyle changes, gout medicine, or a combination of both. Having made that choice, many more individual choices are important. Most important, is putting these choices into the context of your gout. On the gout forum, we often discuss various allopurinol alternatives. There are hundreds, if not thousands of alternatives to allopurinol, but who’s to say which is the right choice? Well, you are!

If you record your gout facts, likes, and dislikes in your Personal Gout Profile, then you can choose the best direction that suits you. If you’re not sure, you can ask in the gout forum, then other gout sufferers can advise you based on your profile, and their experience. That way, you only need to make choices that are relevant to you. You choose the best direction to control your gout. You have your own map to gout freedom, and you’re no longer driving blind. Or are you?

Your Gout Indicators

When you’re driving, you need to monitor speed, lubricants, temperature, etc. You constantly adjust speed and direction to suit where you are, and where you want to go.

So it is with your gout.

A good doctor will monitor your uric acid levels and other important health indicators whilst adjusting gout treatment doses. You must insist on this. Without it, despite your gout treatment, you are still driving blind.

But the worst cases occur when people choose to plan their own treatment, with gout diet changes, or with herbal remedies, but they don’t monitor the important gout indicators. Controlling gout has very little to do with gout pain. If uric acid is not safe, gout will return, stronger and more frequently. Worse than that, uric acid crystals slowly destroy your body. Gout is often missed as a killer disease, as death is blamed on heart disease or kidney disease. But, in many cases, these killer diseases are caused by uncontrolled gout.

Controlling Your Gout

Driving Blind with Gout photoDon’t let uncontrolled gout destroy your enjoyment of life, or destroy life itself. Open your eyes to what you want to do, and open your eyes to how your actions affect your gout.

Complete your Personal Gout Profile, then update it with your progress at least once a week. If you get stuck, ask in the gout forum, or click the Support button to start a helpdesk ticket. Stop driving blind with gout!

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