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This GoutInfo post is about finding information on GoutPal.com

Many years ago, I introduced a new word into the language of gout: GoutPal. These days, thousands of people search for GoutPal and find friendly gout support.

I try to keep an eye on what information people are searching for. It helps me prioritize new articles, or to reorganize old articles better. I know that the best gout information is on GoutPal, and my gout info update page is a very popular destination for anyone who wants to stay advised about gout news and developments. Recently, I’ve noticed an upsurge in visitor who found that page when looking for GoutInfo (no space between words).

I am always intrigued by new gout-related words, so I set out to investigate the meaning of GoutInfo.

GoutInfo Definition

As far as I can see, the popularity of the word is down to a marketing campaign by our friends at Takeda. Takeda Pharmaceuticals are the people behind Uloric. They deserve our thanks for providing an alternative to allopurinol as a first-line option for uric acid control. This has not only brought life-saving options for gout patients who could not tolerate allopurinol. It has also caused many second looks at allopurinol to determine how prescribing procedures can be improved.

At last, I have many allies calling out to stop the nonsense of a standard 300 mg allopurinol dose. It is time to replace that dangerous practice with the notion of lowering uric acid to safe levels. I realize I’m digressing from the topic of GoutInfo, but I never can resist a chance to promote safe uric acid levels.

Coming back to GoutInfo, I have to say, until I invent one, there is no proper definition of GoutInfo. You can try a look at goutinfo.com, but it fails on two counts:

  1. It automatically redirects to a different website (this may be variable depending on where you live, or what marketing campaigns are running).
  2. It doesn’t have the capitalized Info, which I’ve made up.

To me, the most valuable benefit of GoutInfo is that it has raised awareness of gout. Thousands of people seek GoutInfo every week, without really knowing what they are looking for. Now, it is good to be aware of Uloric as one of the gout treatments. However, there is much more relevant information about gout. You need to be aware of treatment targets before you can tell if Uloric is your best choice. You need a clear gout symptoms assessment and diagnosis plan before you can even start to think about treatments.

Whilst I ponder the best way to direct your quest for GoutInfo towards the most relevant gout information for you, here’s what you need to do now:

  1. Signup for the gout info update service. It costs nothing to subscribe, and it ensures you do not miss vital information about gout.
  2. Start your personal gout management plans. Even if you have a clear diagnosis, you will learn plenty of relevant gout information in my I Have Gout program.

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