Gout Medicine Is A Disgrace

I am researching gout medicine for a new project, and I’m in shock.

Before I forget, the new project is for next year, but I am starting it now to give me time to get ready for the New Year. It is about much more than gout medicine, but that topic was one I picked at random to do some testing. Make sure you get announcements about my progress and the launch by subscribing to my update service. It is free, and there is a form at the end of this article, or you can click the Update Service link in the menu above for more information.

Bu let’s get back to gout medicine.

What Is Gout Medicine?

When I started researching, I was surprised to see that a common discussion topic is alternative medicine for gout. I’m not really qualified to talk about homeopathy, herbal remedies and the like, but I would never regard these as medicine. Anyway, it is not for me to judge, so if someone gets help from a gout product, and that product is described as gout medicine, then I accept it, as long as the vendors are not exploiting gout sufferers.

I believe there are two important aspects to gout medicine in it’s widest sense.

  1. Ultimately, any gout medicine worth it’s name should help the removal of uric acid deposits, and provide protection against new uric acid crystals forming.
  2. We require medicine to help us cope with gout pain until we get rid of old uric acid deposits. Personally, I would not call this gout medicine, but others may have different opinions.

As you see, I have my opinions on gout medicine. I find that calling a pain relieving remedy gout medicine is confusing. It helps to promote the idea that stopping pain is all you need to do, forgetting the uric acid deposit enemy. But how is it disgraceful?

The Disgrace Of Gout Medicine?

There are excellent gout medicines. Allopurinol has an excellent track record. Poor prescribing practices have caused some problems, but latest guidelines are clear. Hopefully your doctor will stay up-to-date with the latest recommendations, and prescribe allopurinol safely, or offer febuxostat as an option.

Though some prescribing practices are disgraceful, that is not today’s explanation of my views on the disgrace of gout medicine.

With one exception, the disgrace of gout medicine is the term itself.

Good Gout Medicine

The term is useful when you are seeking general information about gout medicine. A question like which gout medicine can I take to melt uric acid crystals is a fine example of a good question from recent gout forum discussions. Unfortunately 74 others range from pointless through confused to disgraceful.

Gout medicine is a general term to describe a range of different medicines that help gout sufferers. It is disgraceful to use the term to ask specific questions, and here is why…

Gout Medicine Dosage

19 of 75 recent gout medicine questions have been about dosage. It is disgraceful to ask dosage questions without specifying exactly which medicine you are taking, and the dose. Ideally, this is from the drug label, but if you cannot find it, what does it say on the Rx?

At best you will get answers that lead to ineffective dosing. At worst, you will get advice that lead to an overdose. That’s a disgrace.

Gout Medicine Side Effects

17 of 75 recent gout medicine questions have been about side-effects. It is disgraceful to ask side-effects questions without specifying exactly which medicine you are taking, and the dose. Ideally, read the drug label, and see what it says about side-effects. If that is unclear, ask your question with reference to the listed side-effects.

Without clear naming of the exact medicine, you will get meaningless or misleading answers. That’s a disgrace.

Safe Gout Medicine Combinations

21 of 75 recent gout medicine questions have been about combining it with other medicines or diet. It is disgraceful to ask combination questions without specifying exactly which medicine you are taking. The two most popular medicines prescribed to gout patients are allopurinol and colchicine. They serve completely different purposes and have completely different effects on other medicines or certain foods.

If your question gets answered wrongly by someone confused by the question, you could avoid a combination that might help you. But in the worst case you might get advised to go with a dangerous combination. That’s a disgrace.

Gout Medicine: Next Steps

I want to help you find the right gout medicine that helps you fix your gout and find gout freedom.

You might need pain relief until you get rid of all old uric acid crystals. That is inflammation medicine or pain medicine.

Gout medicine is any drug that helps you avoid gout through lower uric acid, as described in the gout medications guidelines. Non-pharmaceutical remedies, as described in the gout cures guidelines might be useful, but I avoid referring to them as medicine.

If you need help in choosing the right gout medicine for you, please join the gout remedies forum.

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