I am in the process of reviewing my uric acid blood test reference page. I will announce the new version soon. Here are some of the changes I am making.

Uric Acid Blood Test Options

I have talked about your choice between lab tests organized by your doctor, or buying your own home uric acid blood test meter. Also, you might order your own private blood test for uric acid from a walk-in lab.

Uric Acid Blood Test Recommendations

My general recommendation is to arrange uric acid tests through your doctor. This is vital if you are taking uric acid medications, as this is the only way to ensure that you have the right dose for each stage of your gout treatment plan. If your treatment includes allopurinol or febuxostat, your doctor should include kidney function tests and liver function tests.

North American Uric Acid Test

If it is inconvenient or too expensive to use your doctor’s uric acid testing procedures, you can arrange your own private laboratory uric acid blood test. This could be complicated where multiple tests are required, and I am investigating common combinations to compare deals. You can help me enormously by explaining your personal blood test requirements for gout in the forum. I’ll explain this more in my closing remarks.

If you believe you would benefit from your own uric acid test kit at home, the North American situation is changing fast. All meters are manufactured in China, Taiwan, and nearby countries. I know at least one manufacturer who is planning to appoint USA distributors in the fall, and one who has already established a USA base. But is yet to commence direct marketing. I will keep a close eye on developments, and try to broker a deal for GoutPal visitors. In the meantime, the best value source I have found is on ebay.com. Currently, so be sure to search for Uric Acid Meter on eBay.

Again, you can help fellow gout sufferers by sharing your experiences in the gout forum, as I explain below.

United Kingdom Uric Acid Test

I believe the UK situation is a no-brainer. You, your family, and your friends have collectively paid many thousands of pounds to run the National Health Service. Why would you want to pay extra for any other form of testing?

If you still believe you can get some value with your own personal uric acid test kit, then recent developments are interesting. The UK is a significant market for Far East manufacturers, and they continue to improve the products available. Though single function uric acid test meters are still very relevant, many gout sufferers need to monitor other blood factors, and so multi-function machines are becoming more popular. The 3-in-1 uric acid test kit has a good reputation.

Other Countries Uric Acid Test

The uric acid test kits I have mentioned above will ship to most countries. I would appreciate your feedback on your own local situation so that I can improve GoutPal reference information for resources in other countries.

Uric Acid Blood Test: Next Steps

As I have mentioned, I am actively researching better resources for uric acid blood tests, as well as other resources for gout sufferers. You can help.

Most of our visitors live in the USA, but there are significant numbers from other countries, as well as many visitors using translation services to get help from GoutPal throughout the world. I cannot possibly investigate every country, nor can I be certain that your requirements match my own.

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