Here’s an important article about calcium – a vital consideration when planning your gout diet.

The Benefits of Calcium When Living With Gout

One particular mineral that has gained some notoriety lately is calcium.

The effects of calcium, which when taken in moderate amounts can have an overall positive effect on the body, are being cited in anecdotal evidence as a way to combat some of the symptoms of gout.

Uric acid is one of the primary contributing factors to the painful symptoms experienced by gout sufferers. Therefore, controlling the production of this substance is key to getting symptoms under control. One of the techniques that are now being used to accomplish this is by changing the pH level of the body in order to manipulate its uric acid production.

pH stands for the power of hydrogen and refers to the acidity level in the body. That is, when the pH levels of the body are raised, it becomes more alkaline, while lowering pH levels makes the body more acidic.
We are surrounded with acidic food everywhere. High purine, high carbohydrate, processed food and carbonated drinks are all acidic. The human body naturally exists in a slightly alkaline state, but after years of consuming acid foods, becomes progressively acidic

So, when the body’s pH does go out of balance (becomes more acidic, less alkaline), it counterbalances the acidity by using whatever calcium is accessible to sustain the proper pH balance. Ordinarily, the next best source of something alkaline is the calcium in your bones. It only makes sense, then, that calcium supplements will help retain bone strength while also maintaining the pH balance of the blood for other issues. If you also frequently consume alkaline drinks, you will start to win the battle against all those acid foods.
Therefore, by raising the pH levels in your body, you are effectively putting into practice a natural gout treatment. By making the body more alkaline, the uric acid levels will be reduced. This is because uric acid can be diluted by drinking water, and the more alkaline the body is, the more water-soluble uric acid becomes. And so, the higher the ratio of alkaline to acid in the body, that is, the higher the pH level of the body (or the number on the pH scale) the more alkaline your body will be, and the more uric acid will be dissolved into the water you drink. Water with a spritz of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar is an alkaline drink often recommended by nutritionists to gout sufferers. Green tea and carrot juice are additional beverages that can keep the body alkaline.

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